FREEVOLVE® - Designing technology that works with you.

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FREEVOLVE® - Designing technology that works with you.

June 16th 2010 Somerset, NJ - FREEVOLVE® designs and manufactures the new generation of user -friendly remote home access systems, improving the way technology is used to manage your home or business. FREEVOLVE's products offer the benefits and flexibility of high -end technology without the need for an internet connection and no monthly monitoring fees.

housEvolve is a simple, effective solution for water damage prevention, temperature related problems, etc. and gives the homeowner the ability to control these aspects of their homes, from their phone. For example, a homeowner has the ability to turn water valves off/on, adjust temperature/switch hvac state and open/close garage doors, all by pressing a button on their phone.

Anderson Micu - - - - Founder & CEO of FREEVOLVE® notes, "Our operating philosophy is to bring the benefits of high -end technology to all, regardless of skill or technical background, in such a way as to minimize operating or maintenance costs, preserve privacy and ownership, and maximize comfort and peace of mind. To that end, housEvolve offers a direct, private, economical and intuitive link between home and owner, making users just as effective in caring for their home from anywhere in the world as are now from the premises."

FREEVOLVE® is proud to manufacture their products in the USA.

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We believe in products that operate reliably and responsibly.

We believe our customers should be able to easily interact with our products regardless of their technical abilities.

We believe in our customer's right to privacy and choice.

Our vision is a fusion of dedicated, highly functional products providing access to home technology using natural, intuitive human interaction.

The result? Freedom

Featured Product

WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

The WaterCop family of products continues to grow! We now offer Z-wave technology that allows remote control of a home's main water supply via phone or internet. It's perfect for people who want peace of mind that they can shut off water in homes from nearly anywhere using Z-wave protocol. Z-wave joins systems WaterCop Pro, LeakStop, WaterCop Classic, Outdoor, and Large Valve (1 ½"-4") Integration. Visit to learn more.