VIGITRON UTP network elements installed on analogue circuit in UK bakery

Panasonic and Concept Pro dome cameras at a large bakery company make use of Power Combiners and Transceiver hubs from Vigitron.

Vigitron's UTP power combiner and transceiver hubs have been installed at a major new -build bakery complex in the south -west of England.

The units are being used with analogue dome cameras from Panasonic and Concept Pro in a structured wiring system for security, management and general logistical monitoring. The machine vision aspect of the project allows management to follow the entire production line from ingredient mixing and preparation through baking, packaging and dispatch, checking for blockages on conveyors and assembly lines.

Vigitron's Vi408VPD combiner integrates video, PTZ data and camera power over a single four -pair UTP cable to simplify structured wiring. The unit supports up to eight cameras and is designed to be placed between cameras and control room, extending video up to 3,000 feet.

Installers at Vtec Zoom have also implemented two 32 -channel passive transceiver hubs at the recording source. While some of the cameras employ UTP twisted pair at source, other units are using Vigitron's miniature video baluns to connect the traditional BNC composite output to CAT5 twisted pair. In this installation the balun mounts directly to the camera/umbilical lead without additional cabling and does not require power.

Steve Wright of Vtec Zoom said: "Recording is to two custom -built DVRs that we assemble to order. Images are then viewed and reviewed via the client's network. The baking facility operates 24 hours a day and the non -security element of the system aims to minimize disruption as well as showing management why abnormal situations have occurred."

Steve continued: "The Vigitron components proved easy to use and I would have no hesitation in employing them again on the next imminent project. The support we got from the company's distribution partner, QED, was also exceptional. We changed direction on the original design and needed alternative variants of the Vigitron components in a short lead time."

Vtec Zoom excel in commercial and industrial applications but also major in retail work. Recent prestigious work has included Manchester's Arndale Shopping Centre and the Vauxhall Motors plant at Ellesmere Port. The company is noted for work on large access control systems, often multiple sites linked to a central hub, and is also developing specialized cameras for use at petro -chemical facilities.

Vigitron is a leading manufacturer of innovative transmission solutions for the global security and IT market. Our products enable you to use your copper infrastructure for either analogue or IP CCTV systems at extended distances. We are committed to employing state of the art technology to offer the best products at exceptional value, accompanied by excellent customer service. We bring you the future now.

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