Kiosks4Business Launch Their PIP myPad Portable Kiosk

Kiosks4business have launched their latest addition to the Parent Information Point family of touchscreen kiosks. myPad is the intelligent, intuitive portable information pod.

Kiosks4business have launched their latest addition to the Parent Information Point family of touchscreen kiosks. The all new myPad portable touchscreen computer features a 10inch LCD display, WLAN and optional 3g network connectivity. myPad runs on rechargeable batteries and gives approx 3 -4 hours of running between charges. The touchscreen enables it to run our Parent Information Point software and Surveypoint for consultation.

The combination of battery operated, portable style, with touchscreen and consultation software (Surveypoint) enables local government consultations with the public very simply and at very low cost. myPad runs our browser lock -down software which prevents unauthorised use or changes to the system. Parent Information Point provides an easy to use browsing environment for your end users and can present them with a range of useful information including Education, Training, Welfare, Benefits, Jobs and much more. PIP is fully dynamic so you can modify it as often as you wish. Anonymous usage statistics are available from the online content management system which enables you to run reports whenever you wish. As well as browsing web pages users can use the integrated microphone and speaker to make a phone call to a service provider. Users can also receive an email with links to web pages they were viewing on the myPad.
myPad comes complete with carry case and external keyboard. myPad is compatible with other Kiosks4business software for applications in the NHS and healthcare, local government, housing and many other public services.

myPad Kiosk Specification and Features:

Rugged construction
USB Keyboard supplied
Wireless networking capable including 3g option
Carry Case and Protective Sleeve
Rugged resistive touchscreen
Ergonomically designed for comfortable use
Fanless Intel Atom CPU.
Windows XP Pro or Windows 7
Browser lock down software to protect users
USB ports

Kiosks4business Compatible Software:
Parent Information Point
Wellbeing Information Point
Courts Information Point
Police Information Point
E -triage

Visit the website to view photos of the myPad Portable Kiosk.

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