Haicom HI -604 Container/ Trailer GPS Tracking Device with 5years Standby Battery

It's a multi-function state-of-the-art GPS tracking solution offering you 4 in 1 solution GPS/GSM/GPRS/SMS/DTMF all in real time, and is the most suitable tracking device in the world. Combining with the latest technology and affordability

Haicom HI -604 tracking Device is the best tracking solution to track and manage trailers, mobile home, mobile generator sets, golf carts construction equipment and other assets that may not have their own source of power

Haicom Trailer/Asset Tracking Solution offers you a lot of advantages

• Our GPRS tracking software Platform and server is free; if you have your own server we can program our tracker with your server protocol
• Worldwide coverage with NO additional programs to buy or install - no additional or hidden costs!
• Build in moving sensor with deep sleeping mode (0.1mA)
• Built in 5,500 mAh battery for independent power
• Stand -by time up to 5 yrs (Depending on tracking needs)
• High sensitivity GPS fixed
• Multi -ways tracking software plate form available
• Waterproof case for harsh condition environment
• Customizations for different tracking applications
• Build in strong Magnetic mounting for easy attaching
• Standalone (Internal Antenna - Self Contained Unit)
• User can switch the DTMF mode or GPRS
• Worldwide coverage using GSM/GPRS/SMS/DTMF
• allow you to monitor both on demand or at regular intervals
• Ultra low power GPS.
• All -in -one design.
• Provides you 24X7 accesses to the location of all your assets.
• 100% free DTMF live tracking with or with out internet
• LIVE real -time tracking, configurable from every 30, second to 72hour gprs updates!

• Give you a real visibility into your operations by seeing how long
assets are sitting around in one place, when they start
moving / stop moving.
• Learn how long the assets are being used (actual operations time).
• alerted you when unwanted movement happens.
• providing security and accountability .
• Recover stolen Assets/Trailers.
• View Asset's history online from any computer

• Police Force and law enforcement Sector
• Private Investigations Sector
• GPS Asset Tracking
• GPS Cargo Tracking
• Surveillance Work
• Anti theft
• Recover
How The HI -604 GPS Tracker Works:
Once fully charged, the HI -604 battery can last up to 5years, depending on usage, it has a Built in alert movement sensor that can be configured directly to alert you on your mobile phone and our server automatically when the object is moved or touched, you can locate on demand with our DTMF solution, and you can also program HI -604 to automatically report its position based on a time interval, which could be from every 30 second to every 72 hours.

Haicom Europe is a reputed supplier for the GPS industry with Head office in The Netherlands; we have alliances with world -class manufacturers from USA, Italy, Malaysia, UK, Germany, China and India and Taiwan. With over a decade of market experience in GPS Tracking solution, Haicom Electronics has soared above competition with a reputation for quality and reliability.
Today, Haicom Europe is an organization specializing in GPS Tracking technology and sales respectively. Trained and experienced to a paragon, the team represented globally
Through our deep understanding and partnership with both national and international companies and organizations we are able to offer a wide and diverse range of products and service through out the Construction securities Industry:

We look forward to a long lasting business relationship with your company,

Yours sincerely,

Eric Okunde
Haicom Europe GPS
Kruisstraat 178
5612CN Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031 -402938955
Fax: 0031 -402443043

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