BrightSign Showcases Hosted Signage Networking Service

BrightSign unveils low-cost, high-availability hosted signage networking services for customers, users.

- - BrightSign announced today that it will be featuring BrightSign Network, its hosted networking service; and the many accessories it offers to enhance BrightSign solid -state digital signage and kiosk controllers at its InfoComm Booth #N2460 this week.

Known worldwide as a trusted name in digital signage solutions that are affordable and easy to use, BrightSign digital sign and kiosk controllers are complete, ready -to -use solutions that include the hardware, software and networking tools for driving stand -alone or networked displays. Each BrightSign model is packaged with features and connectivity options for specific applications, so customers only pay for the features they need.
In addition to its basic looping models , models for full interactivity and networking models BrightSign's low -cost hosted networking service and a broad range of accessories provide integrators and content developers with more flexibility in creating dynamic displays. With these options, BrightSign customers can save time and have the assurance of full compatibility with BrightSign players.
BrightSign Network is an affordable, subscription -based hosted service that provides the complete infrastructure to serve and support a BrightSign digital signage network. With the service, small and large digital sign network users have everything they need to create digital signage presentations, schedule updates, manage multiple groups of displays remotely and review real -time reports for playback confirmations via a secure Web connection. Featuring world -class security, authentication, redundancy and fail -safe features, it frees users from the complexities and cost of hosting and maintaining their own network, and is scalable from networks with one to hundreds of players.
BrightSign Network runs on a standard Windows PC running XP or Vista and Windows 7 systems and is supported by BrightSign's HD210 Looping Sign Controller and HD1010 Interactive digital sign and kiosk controller. For a free, trial, BrightSign customers can contact
Subscriptions are US$99 per year per sign and are available from the sales team at Volume and multi -year discounts are also available, making BrightSign Network especially attractive for integrators wishing to gain economies of scale by aggregating all their customers under a single account.

Broad Range of Accessories
The Live Video Module enables live video playback on BrightSign HD810 and HD1010 controllers. Live video playback can be mixed with recorded video or image content. The live video playback can also be mixed with other content sources including Internet delivered content and SD flash card content. Live video can be displayed in full screen or within a zone display while other content sources play around it. Brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of the input video are all adjustable. Small and compact, this module offers S -Video and Composite video inputs with support for NTSC, PAL and SECAM, as well as left and right audio channel RCA jacks. Requiring no external power source, the adaptor is connected and powered by a USB connection to BrightSign HD810 and HD1010 models. The Live Video Module is available from the BrightSign Store for US$150.00
The Expansion Module provides additional A/V and control ports for the HD810 and HD1010 BrightSign models. The unit is designed with 2 USB ports and 18 b -directional GPIOs. In addition to headphone output, the device provides Optical SPDIF output and 3 analog stereo audio outputs. The Expansion Module is available from the BrightSign Store for US$150.00 and includes a USB power cable.
The GPIO Button Board offers a demonstration and development platform for implementing button interactivity and LED controls. Compatible with BrightSign HD410, HD810 and HD1010 models, the board connects via the control GPIO port and via the HD1010's USB port. The GPIO Button Board is available from the BrightSign Store for US$69.99 and includes a DB15 cable and 18 configurable buttons.
BrightSign's VGA Converter Module allows BrightSign HD controllers to play back standard definition video on displays with only S -Video and Composite Video inputs. It supports a 640x480 resolution for NTSC and a 720x576 resolution for PAL. Compatible with all BrightSign models (HD110, HD210, HD410, HD810, HD1010), the converter is powered by either an A/C adaptor or via USB on the HD810 and HD1010 models. The VGA Converter is available from the BrightSign Store for US$65.00 and includes an A/C adaptor, a USB power cable, VGA cable, S -Video cable and Composite video cable.
About BrightSign
A division of Roku, Inc. and based in Saratoga, California, BrightSign develops products and software for digital signage. BrightSign solid -state digital sign controllers set new standards for both stand alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease of use and interactivity. Online information about BrightSign units is available at For sales inquiries, please contact or call 408 -852 -9263 in the USA and +44 -1223 -911842 internationally.

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