Furman's PS -PRO II and AC -215 Help Tell the Story of World War II in the Pacific at the George H.W. Bush Gallery at the National Museum of the Pacific War

World War II in the Pacific was a unique conflict with its own history and character.

PETALUMA, Calif. - - May 20, 2010 - - World War II in the Pacific was a unique conflict with its own history and character, a lesson that the recently opened George H.W. Bush Gallery at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas, conveys to visitors through a high -impact, high -tech experience. Without properly functioning A/V equipment to tell the story, however, the impact of the message is lost. That's why the exhibit technology team at Bowen Technovation, in collaboration with exhibit designers The Douglas|Group, chose Furman's PS -PRO II power conditioner/sequencers and AC -215 power conditioners. The units protect sensitive components in the Gallery's 40 multimedia exhibits, while at the same time enhancing audio and video performance for an optimal visitor experience.

Opened on Dec. 7, 2009, the George H.W. Bush Gallery is a state -of -the -art 33,000 -foot exhibition that speaks to visitors of every generation about the complex, difficult, and ultimately inspiring story of America's war in the Pacific and China -Burma -India Theater during World War II. The gallery tells this story through thousands of artifacts, exhibits, and the latest high -tech interactive displays.

"The George H.W. Bush Gallery employs a variety of high -end equipment, including computers, interactive flat -panel displays, media players, audio amplifiers, and multi -screen, edge -blended panoramic projectors located throughout the facility. To power this equipment, there are two electrical systems at the museum, one of which is an older pre -existing part of the structure. It was vital to protect the sensitive A/V components from surges, spikes, and dangerous voltage conditions," said Brian Norris of Bowen Technovation, an Indianapolis -based provider of A/V, lighting, control, and production solutions.

"To do this, we employed Furman's power protection in every exhibit area in the gallery. In addition to protecting components, the PS -PRO II and AC -215's filtering and noise suppression permit a totally immersive visitor experience with no distracting hum, buzzes, sonic, or visual noise. In addition, the PS -PRO II's power sequencing ensures all audio equipment is powered on and shut down in the correct order," added Norris.

In audio systems, simultaneous powering on and off of equipment can result in a loud, annoying, and potentially destructive "pop" reaching the speakers. The 20 -A PS -PRO II contains six sequenced rear panel outlets to power up a rack full of equipment in a three -step delayed sequence and power equipment down by reversing the sequence. Five PS -PRO II units are utilized for the gallery's computers and audio equipment.

In addition, 43 Furman AC -215 power conditioners are being used throughout the gallery to protect and enhance the performance of flat -panel displays and projectors. The AC -215 comes in a compact 1.75" x 5" x 8.5" design and weighs only three pounds. The unit's low -profile design makes it ideal for mounting to the back of a flat -screen television, or anywhere that discreetly located remote power protection and purification are needed.

The PS -PRO II and AC -215 both offer Furman's proprietary Series Multi -Stage Protection (SMP) for comprehensive, non -sacrificial surge/spike protection; Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) to protect equipment from dangerous extreme voltage conditions; and Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) to reduce AC line noise.

"As professional A/V installers with decades of combined experience, we know just how important power conditioning and protection can be. We also knew that Furman's built -like -a -tank construction and global reputation for quality and value would be just the right fit for this project, and would ensure that the gallery's A/V technology will continue functioning flawlessly for years to come," added Tyler Gill, fabrication manager of Bowen Technovation.

"It was an honor to be involved in this installation, which is an important project not only to the state of Texas, but to all World War II veterans," said Chris Frison, senior project designer for The Douglas|Group. "It was a complete team effort from inception to installation. Bowen Technovation was able to take our concepts and provide technical solutions to complex problems within a tight timeframe and budget. Both our firm and the client were thrilled with the end result."

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About the National Museum of the Pacific War
The Museum is a national treasure located in historic Fredericksburg, Texas. It contains three museums covering six acres of 45,000 square feet of modern, engaging exhibits with beautiful gardens and courtyards. The visitor will experience the true history of World War II in the Pacific through advanced media, custom animations, and stunning archival film and photography. The Museum is open seven days a week, 9 a.m. -5 p.m. (It is closed on Thanksgiving as well as Christmas Eve and Day.) The National Museum of the Pacific War is a Texas Historical Commission property operated by the Admiral Nimitz Foundation. It is located in Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country, hometown of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. More information is available at www.nimitz -museum.org.

About Bowen Technovation
Bowen Technovation was founded in 1985 as one of the nation's first producers of high -end computer -assisted sound design and music scores for TV, radio, corporate, and lots of documentary/educational work. Through the late '80's and at the request of clients, they became a leading -edge designer and installer of high -end audio, video, control, and lighting systems for museums, science centers, planetariums, and IMAX theaters. Bowen Technovation is highly respected internationally by manufacturers, architects, exhibit designers, facilities managers, and CEOs. More information is available at www.bowentechnovation.com.

About the Douglas|Group
The Douglas|Group (D|G) has been designing great solutions for environmental graphics, exhibit design, and identity development for 15 years. We've worked with facility owners, managers, and designers, proving time and again that our time -tested, process -driven approach sets us apart from our competition. D|G people are multi -disciplined design professionals that bring a combination of talent, imagination, and practicality to every job. We create programs that engage and educate audiences while extending our clients' brands and optimizing the visitor's experience. More information is available at http://www.dg -studios.com.

About Furman
Furman has been an international leader in developing award -winning, innovative power management products for more than 35 years. The company's products give audio/video systems the pure, noise -free power they need for superlative performance while protecting them from damage caused by power surges and lightning. As part of Panamax LLC, Furman addresses all major electronic markets, including home theater, professional audio and video, the music industry, broadcasting, audio/video recording, and office equipment. Panamax/Furman's cloud -based power and energy management platform, BlueBOLT(TM), sets a new industry standard in ease of installation and use. Furman is based in Petaluma, Calif., and sells through an international dealer network and through select retail outlets. More information is available at www.furmansound.com.

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