Furman InfoComm 2010 Preview

InfoComm 2010 Furman Booth C7118

InfoComm 2010

Booth C7118

1690 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954

Furman Contact:
John Benz
Marketing Manager
Tel: +1 (707) 766 -2359
E -mail: johnb@furmansound.com
Web site: www.furmansound.com

Agency Contact:
Rae Morrow
Wall Street Communications
Tel: +1 (775) 626 -7722
E -mail: rae@wallstcom.com

New Products and Technologies on Display at InfoComm 2010:

At InfoComm 2010, Furman will be displaying and demonstrating its full line of professional A/V power management products, including the new P -3600 AR G global voltage regulator and revolutionary BlueBOLT(TM) cloud -based energy management technology.

The BlueBOLT(TM) -CV1 Interface Card Brings the Power of Energy Management and Remote Monitoring Technology to A/V Installations
At InfoComm 2010, Furman will demonstrate its groundbreaking BlueBOLT(TM) energy management and remote power monitoring technology. Available for select Panamax/Furman products via the BlueBOLT -CV1 interface card, BlueBOLT provides secure, hosted IP (Internet Protocol) system control and energy monitoring for A/V systems. Users can control BlueBOLT -equipped units through Panamax/Furman's hosted BlueBOLT servers for secure plug -and -play setup. The card is also compatible with the Telnet protocol for integration into existing control systems.

With BlueBOLT, electronic system contractors can drastically reduce service calls and help their clients be more energy efficient. BlueBOLT allows individual outlets or outlet banks to be power -cycled from any Web browser or Web -enabled mobile device, while voltage and current consumption can be monitored in real time or tracked over a time period. E -mail notifications are sent when power anomalies are detected, allowing installers and end users to take immediate action in the event of a catastrophic surge, brownout, blackout, or other power event. BlueBOLT also provides a simple and convenient way to manage energy consumption by cutting off all current to select components, thereby eliminating wasteful stand -by power in an A/V system.

The BlueBOLT -CV1 interface card (MSRP $249.95) is currently compatible with Furman's F1500 -UPS, and several other compatible products are currently under development.

Photo Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43114252@N07/sets/72157624041810256/
Photo Caption: Example of a BlueBOLT(TM) interface page. Click to learn more.

P -3600 AR G Global Voltage Regulator
The Prestige Series P -3600 AR G is a 3 -RU power conditioner/True RMS voltage regulator that offers a one -of -a -kind power management solution for A/V professionals around the globe. The P -3600 AR G ensures stable 120V power delivery from any input voltage source between 88V to 133V or 170V to 265V. The unit provides connected 120V equipment with stable voltage, power protection, and AC line filtration, ideal for use with 120V A/V gear when traveling to countries with 100V, 220V, 230V, or 240V services.

The P -3600 AR G's predecessor, the Furman AR -PRO, has been an indispensable product for many professional users. The updated model features Furman's True RMS regulation technology (utilizing an ultra -low -noise torroidal isolation transformer/autoformer, high -current switching TRIACs, and microprocessing control) to step -down or step -up input voltages. The unit also offers Furman's exclusive LiFT/SMP/EVS technologies for professional -level protection and linear AC noise filtration.

These features, along with the P -3600 AR G's 30A output capacity and wide input voltage capture range, make it a unique solution among other portable power conditioner/voltage regulators and a reliable, application -specific alternative to typical step -up/step -down transformers.

The P -3600 AR G will be available in Q3 2010, at an MSRP of $5,000.

Photo Link: http://bit.ly/7D9y6E
Photo Caption: The Prestige Series P -3600 AR G is a 3 -RU power conditioner/True RMS voltage regulator that offers a one -of -a -kind power management solution for A/V professionals around the globe.

Company Overview:
Furman has been an international leader in developing award -winning, innovative power management products for more than 35 years. The company's products give audio/video systems the pure, noise -free power they need for superlative performance while protecting them from damage caused by power surges and lightning. As part of Panamax LLC, Furman addresses all major electronic markets, including home theater, professional audio and video, the music industry, broadcasting, audio/video recording, and office equipment. Panamax/Furman's cloud -based power and energy management platform, BlueBOLT(TM), sets a new industry standard in ease of installation and use. Furman is based in Petaluma, Calif., and sells through an international dealer network and through select retail outlets. More information is available at www.furmansound.com.

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