SENCORE InfoComm Preview

SENCORE Preview InfoComm 2010 - June 9-11 Las Vegas, Nevada Booth N1017

SENCORE Products on Display at InfoComm 2010

RadianceXE(TM) and RadianceXD(TM) Video Processors
Based on proprietary advanced digital processing, SENCORE Radiance video processors are flexible switching and distribution hubs for audio/video systems that also assure delivery of top -quality, distortion -free picture and sound. New Radiance features for 2010 include picture -in -picture (PIP), which permits theater viewers to preview video programs and, at the press of a button, swap the inset picture for the main video. More new features include self -configuring of output resolution and HDMI signal type during installation, which eliminates the tedious task of determining the best display settings; and a new just -above -black calibration point in the multipoint three -dimensional grayscale/gamma calibration, which improves color balance.

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MP500 MediaPro Handheld Generator and HDMI Analyzer
The SENCORE MP500 MediaPro provides multiformat and multiresolution audio/video signal generation and HDMI analysis in an attractively priced, portable package with an easy -to -use, color touchscreen interface. New features for 2010 include cable test, which makes it fast and easy to find problems in a complex HDMI system's cables and devices. More 2010 innovations include expansion of the generator to accommodate multichannel HDMI audio systems, as well as enhanced ability to detect artifacts during video installations.

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Klein K -10 Colorimeter
The newest SENCORE measurement tool is the fast, accurate, sensitive, and sturdy Klein K -10 colorimeter, which analyzes and measures light and color for optimized system calibration - - even at very low light levels. With 5mm -by -5mm photodiodes and thermally stable components, SENCORE's new meter beats competing models in both accuracy and stability. The Klein K -10 colorimeter is a companion product for SENCORE's ColorPro by CalMAN software.

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ColorPro by CalMAN 4.0
At InfoComm 2010, SENCORE and partner SpectraCal bring Version 4.0 of the award -winning ColorPro by CalMAN software, an unparalleled measurement and management tool for professional display calibration. New features include grayscale/gamma calibration with absolute red, green, and blue luminance analysis that guides the user simultaneously to white balance and gamma targets. Also new for 2010 is luminance adjustment, support for LED backlight display analysis, and integration with the latest Konica Minolta and Photo Research colorimeters. In addition, Version 4.0 offers more intuitive and consistent measurement charts and new, more useful options to the measurement graphs in the customer -printed calibration report.

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More SENCORE Products on Display at InfoComm 2010

SoundPro Audio Analyzers and Generators:
SENCORE's powerful acoustical analysis and audio component calibration tools are continually enhanced to enable A/V professionals to achieve the highest -quality sound for live -event venues, including churches, stadiums, meeting rooms, concert halls, convention centers, theme parks, and clubs.

- The portable SP295 SoundPro Audio Analyzer Contractor Version provides complete test functions for acoustical analysis and audio component calibration. New features include auto time delay, which is used with the DAG5161 SurroundPro Digital Audio Generator, to test the delay from each speaker in a system.

- The SP395A SoundPro Audio Integrator is a handheld, battery -operated device providing comprehensive, easy -to -use audio/acoustic analysis of distributed audio and sound reinforcement systems, in addition to live sound applications and industrial sound analysis. The SP395A tests speaker coverage, cluster time alignment, and time delay, as well as frequency response equalization, background noise level, reverberation time, and system speech intelligibility.

- The SP495 SoundPro Audio Consultant handheld analyzer performs fast, accurate adjustment of speaker coverage and cluster alignment, time delays, and speaker frequency response equalization to ensure a high -performance, problem -free installation. Features include noise curves, multiband decay analysis, time -delay analysis, and TerraLink software for 3D graph analysis.

- The DAG5161 SurroundPro Digital Audio Generator is a handheld, multichannel analog and digital device that provides all the test signals needed for audio testing and room acoustic analysis, including variable frequency test tones, pink noise at various bandwidths, and impulse waves.

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Also on display at InfoComm 2010 will be SENCORE's portable DA795 DigiPro for field troubleshooting of digital audio equipment; the Hamlet AXIOM 3G HD handheld video and audio signal generator; the Hamlet MicroFlex, the world's smallest multiformat, multistandard picture monitor and test signal generator; and the Fast S2 Advanced Satellite Pointer, a lightweight and easy -to -use device that guides the user through the dish alignment process and then performs testing of multiple transponders to ensure optimized and reliable satellite reception.

Company Overview
SENCORE is an engineering leader in the development of high -quality signal transmission solutions for the broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV, telecommunications, and professional audio/video markets. The company's world -class portfolio includes video delivery products, system monitoring and analysis solutions, and test and measurement equipment, all designed to support system interoperability and backed by best -in -class customer support. SENCORE meets the rapidly changing needs of modern media by ensuring the efficient delivery of high -quality video from the source to the home. More information is available at

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