Screen Research US launches its live on -line webinars

Projector screen solutions provider develops brand new live on-line webinar as well as pre-recorded training to keeps its reps and dealers up-to-date and get to know their needs.

Hiram, Ga. - February 20th 2010 - Screen Research, a world -class provider of innovative projector screen solutions for the custom home theater and professional markets, proudly introduces a new means of training integrators, dealers and reps on a variety of topics by offering free access live on -line webinars as well as pre -recorded training demonstrations with video and audio aides.

Screen Research has felt the need from its network to provide easy to use information and assistance, from the choice of the screen to its assembly. The on -line screen Configurator was development in that way. This year will be a red letter year for the company in terms of training and support to its clientele. A monthly technical webinar will be conducted by Jared Minnich, Screen Research USA's Technical Manager, and will be starting in March. This will be accessible on the Internet and will have an available occupancy for 20 attendees. During the webinar, each attendee will have the opportunity to ask questions, interact with each other and get the information and explanation. This interactive training will maximize the overall experience with Screen research products and ensure an upscale service to the members of the network.
In March, Screen Research will focus its webinar on a basic Q and A, to get to know what type of questions are the most frequent and to get a general feedback on the information, required by the industry.
"Screen Research USA is excited to introduce our first ever live Technical Webinars starting March 10th, 2010. These live Webinars are going to focus on the technical aspects of specifying, installing, and programming our masking and motorized screens." says Mike Barber, Screen Research USA's Director of Sales and Business Development. "We will be able to have up to 20 individuals participate during our live sessions at no cost to our dealers. Factory to dealer support is needed now more than ever, and our live Webinars allow us to be in better communication with our dealer network to ensure a positive experience."

How to attend these webinars?
First of all, dealers who are interested in taking part in the webinar need to be a current Screen Research dealer. An alert will be automatically sent out to people who have asked to receive updates. The information on each webinar will be provided on the monthly newsletter.

For more information on Screen Research, please visit: To contact Screen Research for general inquiries, email or for technical support.

About Screen Research
Headquartered in Nantes, France, Screen Research is a world -class provider of innovative projector screen solutions designed for custom home theater and professional cinema applications. Distributed in 40 countries worldwide, Screen Research offers an extensive line of state -of -the -art video projection screen solutions, most notably its award -winning ClearPix® acoustically transparent THX® and ISF® certified screens.
ClearPix™, ClearPix2™, MultiPix™, SolidPix™, SolidPix1™, GrayPix™, X -Mask™, C -Mask™, LeWing™, TheaterCurve™, Pi -Grip™, FastGrip™, TFX™ and DécorMask™ are all trademarks of Screen Research. All rights reserved.

THX is a trademark of THX Ltd. ISF is a trademark of Imaging Science Foundation Inc.

• Screen Research products are covered by one or more of the following patents:
• No. 00 07372 (France); No. 6,552,847 B2 (USA); No. 04787296.5 (Europe) pending; No. 03 10375 (France); No. 10/570,135 (USA) pending; No. PCT/FR04/02241 (International) pending; No. 200480025260.9 (China) pending; No. 1126/CHGENP/2006 (India) pending; No. 2006 -524397 (Japan) pending; No. 04787296.5 -2217 (United Kingdom) pending; No. 0409574 (France) pending; No. PCT/IB05/003917 (International) pending; No. 05817119.0 -1252 (Europe) pending; No. 08.02361 (France) pending; No. 08/05836 (France) pending; No. 03 07216 (France); No. 10/557 781 (USA) pending; No. 04742791.9 (Europe) pending

• Press Contact: Screen Research at 678.567.1503
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