Screen Research New Reference X -Mask2™ Range

With an improved masking system, a slimmer, more elegant, and compact design, the performance level for fixed projection screens with masking has improved significantly thanks to Screen Research's new Reference X-Mask2 range.

Nantes, France - March 04, 2010 - Screen Research is pleased to announce the availability with

immediate effect, of the new Reference X -Mask2 projection screen range. The new series replaces the
previous X -Mask™ range, offering significant design advances to both the installer and end -user.
The new Reference X -Mask2 range includes features:
A very elegant design and finish
The Flush -housing, SlimFrame™ design with Handcrafted Velour frame finish provides a very
compact frame with low visual and physical impact, whilst maintaining excellent image borders.
Reduced distance between masks, frame, and projection surface minimizes any shadow cast on
the projection surface, preserving a pristine projected image.
New very precise motors and improved mask mechanism
Exclusive QuietGlide™ motor mounting and masking system gives smooth and quiet masking
system operation.
Somfy® ILT precision positioning motors offer precise positioning of masks, matching the viewable
image perfectly.
The new Motor Control System offers 8 fully precise presets as standard, or 20 presets with a
Crestron® module interface, allowing virtually any viewable image ratio to be set. Variable masking
allows flexibility in setting a range of viewable image ratios
The Reference X -Mask2 range is available in 16/9, 2.40 or the new PMI 2.0 Constant Surface Masking
concept. This minimizes the difference in viewable image areas and allows the image formats to be more
consistent, providing a more enjoyable viewing experience.
"This Reference X -Mask2 series is definitely a major improvement in our very successful range of masking
systems for fixed screens. Together with the use of our patented mask guidance mechanism; this product
includes all the newest features and options required for the perfect answer to more demanding High -End
Home Theater applications. This in line with the Screen Research philosophy of offering no -compromise
products to the market" comments Yves Trélohan, C.E.O and Founder of Screen Research.
SlimFrame Low -profile Design
The new SlimFrame and housing design offers significant space saving and performance advantages for
the installer. The new frame and housing reduces the profile of the structure by 30%. This reduces the
overall size of the screen, making it more flexible to install. It has the added benefit of reducing on -site
installation time by approximately 50% over its predecessor.
The Flush -housing frame housing features flush frame joints, resulting in a more elegant aesthetic and
reduced distance between the image masks and the projection surface. This minimizes any shadow cast by
the projected image, keeping the viewable image pristine.
Somfy ILT Precision Motors
The new step -by -step precision positioning motors allow greater accuracy for masking positions. The new
motor control system allows up to 8 presets when used with the MCS -ILT control box and 20 presets with a
Crestron® module interface. The control input protocols available for this new range are Infrared, RS232,
and RS485
QuietGlide Masking Guidance System
QuietGlide is a new, sophisticated masking and guidance system. Its upgraded motor suspensions
eliminate mechanical vibrations, significantly reducing noise levels when in use, extending product life. The
result is a screen with quiet and smooth operation, suitable for the most sophisticated of Home Theater
THX® -certified acoustically transparent masks allow viewable image masking without compromising the
audio performance of Screen research's acoustically transparent screen fabrics.

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