SpeakerCraft Introduces The Vital Series of High -Current Receivers

The company's first-ever receivers produce an extraordinary level of sound detail specifically designed for today's high-definition digital sources


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SpeakerCraft Introduces The Vital Series of High -Current Receivers
The company's first -ever receivers produce an extraordinary level of sound detail
specifically designed for today's high -definition digital sources

Riverside, CA - -April, 2010 - -For Immediate Release - - - SpeakerCraft, America's original manufacturer of in -wall speakers, today announced a significant new addition to its award -winning electronics line -up. The Vital Receiver series debuts with the 2 -channel 710 Whole House model and the full -featured 910, a 7.1 -channel flagship with the most advanced home theater technologies onboard.

"Nobody will ever accuse our industry of having a shortage of receiver products," said Jeremy Burkhardt, SpeakerCraft's President, " so we saw no need to develop just another 'me -too' receiver line. What makes our Vital receivers better is their ability to reproduce sound with a level of detail that is simply astounding. Most people have never even heard some of the nuance in recordings they already own. Now, home theater devotees can experience movies and music just as the creators themselves intended. The Vital series is a real game changer."

This significant performance breakthrough is due in no small part to Vital's High -Current Amplifiers that are extremely musical, produce an abundance of very clean sound and do so with great reliability. Both Vital Receiver models are built using High -Current amplifiers with

discrete output stages that produce substantial headroom resulting in impressive sound pressure
levels, an important feature in larger home theater rooms.

The Vital 710 is a 2 -channel Whole House design that will make beautiful music in multiple rooms throughout the home. It combines the user -friendliness of a stereo receiver with many of the more advanced features typically found on more sophisticated - -and expensive - -surround sound models. With 80 watts per channel, two full -range subwoofer outputs, composite video switching, a front panel A/V input, AM/FM tuner with 30 presets - -even a phono input, the Vital 710 is a formidable, high -performance package.

For Home Theater devotees, SpeakerCraft introduces the no -holds -barred Vital 910. It's the flagship of the line, offers 7.1 channel performance and a long list of advanced HD audio and video technology that today's Blu -ray players, videogame systems, high -definition satellite receivers and cable boxes require. High on that list are seven 130 watt High -Current channels of amplification; Dolby TrueHD; Dolby Digital Plus; DTS -HD Master Audio; 4 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output; SmartEQ™ auto setup with included microphone; an XM -Satellite Radio ready, 50 preset AM/FM tuner and Faroujda Torino video chip processing that upconverts to 1080p and makes standard definition DVDs look nearly as sharp as a Blu -ray disc.

Burkhardt concluded: "We challenged our development team to design receivers that were
unmistakably SpeakerCraft products through and through. The result is our two new Vital models that combine elegant extremes of both features and good looks, all wrapped in a package that gives owners a tremendous value. We're very proud to offer the Vital receivers to our loyal customers."

The Vital 710 has an MSRP of $425 and the Vital 910 lists at $1,250. Both units are shipping now.


Since its founding in 1976, SpeakerCraft has built an internationally -recognized brand
committed to the development of superior architectural loudspeakers and electronics. The
company leads the industry in dealer satisfaction with dedicated customer service support programs that ensure smooth and trouble -free business operations. Originally a primary OEM for many well known in -wall speaker companies, SpeakerCraft now markets its own branded solutions which comprise one of the most comprehensive selections available from any manufacturer.

For further information about SpeakerCraft and its product lines, contact Dave Donald, VP of Marketing at ddonald@speakercraft.com. You can visit SpeakerCraft at www.speakercraft.com or write to us at SpeakerCraft LLC., 940 Columbia, Riverside, CA 92507. Our phone number is (800) 448 -0976 and we can be faxed at (800) 787 -8747.

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