Five Systems, Infinite Possibilities: Leon Speakers Introduces Home Theater Audio Systems for Living Space Theater™

Complete 5.1 and 7.2 Systems Bring Together Power, Performance, and Flexibility From Leon's Custom-Crafted Living Space Theater™ Collection

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - April 6, 2010 - For an immersive audio experience in any living space or dedicated home theater environment, Leon Speakers today announced five complete 5.1 and 7.2 Living Space Theater™ home audio systems. In addition to providing value by offering timbre -matched audio solutions, Leon's high -fidelity systems can be customized easily and configured by integrators and designers according to the exact specifications of any room. Each system consists of custom -built front -channel loudspeakers selected from Leon's Living Space Theater collection, complemented by Leon's AXIS Series of premium in -ceiling speakers or reference -grade in -wall surround sound speakers, and the powerful, compact Aaros 10 -inch (A10 -UT) subwoofer and 1,000 -watt L3 -1K amplifier.

As today's living spaces incorporate multimedia and technology, there's an even greater demand for theater systems that can be woven into the fabric of the home. "We set out to change the way people experience home theater. The theaters of today are not confined to dedicated rooms in the basement - they exist in multiple, multipurpose rooms throughout the home. We put together a set of complete solutions that offers highly refined performance with extreme levels of customization to make the equipment disappear within any room design," said Noah Kaplan, the founder and president of Leon Speakers. "Our systems provide everything needed for an incredible home theater audio experience, including fully customizable front, center, and rear speakers, and a powerful sub and amplifier. This type of flexibility allows integrators to meet virtually any room specification."

The front soundstage of each Leon 5.1 or 7.2 system includes LCR solutions from the Horizon® and Profile® Series. Each of these speakers is built to match the exact dimensions and finish of any TV to fit seamlessly into any environment. From the 1.5 -inch deep, award -winning Horizon 212 -LCR -UT (designed to match the latest ultra -thin TVs), to the widely recognized Horizon 414 and Profile 404 Series (featuring 4 -inch Peerless HDS woofers), Leon delivers an unparalleled audio/video experience. For bigger rooms and larger TVs, Leon's Horizon 616 7.2 system features a front soundstage powered by Peerless HDS 6 -inch woofers and Morel MDT -29 cloth -dome tweeters for maximum power handling and sound pressure levels (SPL). At the top of Leon's offering, the Horizon Ultima 7.2 system is reserved for the most discriminating audiophiles and music enthusiasts. The front -channel LCR solution utilizes hand -made 5 -inch Eton Hexacone woofers and Morel ET -338 tweeters to produce utterly transparent and brilliant sound with an incredibly flat frequency response.

To guarantee seamless integration of the A/V experience and room design, each of Leon's Living Space Theater systems are complemented by surround sound speakers that are custom finished to match any paint color or solid hardwood. While most systems are paired with Leon's premium, closed -back, in -ceiling speakers from the AXIS Series (AX -61 and AX -81), the Horizon Ultima reference -grade system is matched with the vUltima -i fully sealed in -wall speakers, all of which are timbre matched to the front soundstage.

Leon's groundbreaking Aaros A10 -UT ultra -thin subwoofer rounds out each system with its superb bass and ease of use. The A10 -UT packs theater -grade performance along with musical finesse in a sleek, compact enclosure that measures only 4.5 inches deep. Easily convertible to a down -firing position, the sub can fit into cabinetry or be hidden away anywhere in the room. Featuring a durable 10 -inch aluminum cone driver, the subwoofer boasts high power handling at 400 watts, while resisting distortion. In each system, the A10 -UT is paired with Leon's L3 -1K 1,000 -watt, class A/B subwoofer amplifier to naturally reproduce the tight musical low tones necessary for critical two -channel listening and effortlessly handle home theater low -frequency effects with impeccable clarity and precision.

With its certified theater systems built to order in Ann Arbor, Mich., Leon continues to deliver picture -perfect sound for Living Space Theater, where audio doesn't just match a particular display, it integrates seamlessly into any room in which the A/V experience is enjoyed.

All Leon Speakers Living Space Theater certified systems are available now.

Horizon 212 Ultra -Thin Living Space Theater Certified 5.1 System:
• Hz212 -LCR -UT L/C/R combo
• (1 pair) AX -61 in -ceilings
• A10 -UT sub and L3 -1K sub amp
• MSRP: $5,575
• Image Link:

Horizon 414 -XA Audiophile Living Space Theater Certified 5.1 System:
• Hz414 -LCR -XA L/C/R combo
• (1 pair) AX -61 in -ceilings
• A10 -UT sub and L3 -1K sub amp
• MSRP: $6,375
• Image Link:

Profile 404 -X -A Sidemount Living Space Theater Certified 5.1 System:
• (1 pair) PR404 -X -A -MC multichannel (L/C and R/C)
• (1 pair) AX -61 in -ceilings
• A10 -UT sub and L3 -1K sub amp
• MSRP: $6,975
• Image Link:

Horizon 616 High -Performance Living Space Theater Certified 7.2 System:
• Hz616 -LCR L/C/R combo
• (2 pair) AX -81 in -ceilings
• (2) A10 -UT subs and (1) L3 -1K sub amp
• MSRP: $10,065
• Image Link:

Horizon Ultima Reference -Grade Living -Space Theater Certified 7.2 System:
• HzUltima -LCR L/C/R combo
• (2 pair) vUltima -i in -walls
• (2) A10 -UT subs and (1) L3 -1K sub amp
• MSRP: $14,075
• Image Link:

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About the Leon Speakers Corporation
The Leon Speakers Corporation, established in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Mich., is a worldwide leader in high -performance, audiophile -grade on -wall loudspeakers. Leon Speakers pioneered the design, research and development, and refinement of high -fidelity on -wall loudspeakers. Today, this innovative company meticulously handcrafts a full range of elegant loudspeaker solutions, seeking to bring immersive home theater experiences into luxury living spaces.

Leon Speakers solutions are available exclusively at high -end audio/video retailers nationwide.

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