New Prodigy® Wireless Dimmers, Switches And Handheld Touchpanel Now Available

Crestron Adds Powerful Wireless Technology to the Prodigy® Product Line

ROCKLEIGH, NJ - Crestron today announced the release of new Prodigy® interfaces that employ the latest in Crestron 2 -way RF wireless technology, delivering significant power and range in a simple, affordable control solution. A new PMC2+ package includes the Prodigy PMC2 control system and a PTX3 wireless handheld touchpanel, which surpasses other remotes with a color touchscreen and the power to transmit commands right through walls. The P -DIMEX wall dimmer and P -SWEX switch easily replace existing light switches, while the P -LDIMEX lamp dimmer and P -LSWEX lamp switch plug into outlets to deliver complete lighting control.

Unlike traditional single -room, line -of -sight remotes, the PTX3 is perfect for roaming, whole -house control, including browsing your iPod® on the touchscreen and playing back your favorite song in any room in the house, or checking to see what lights are on and shutting unneeded lights off. Plug expanders into any standard electrical outlet to extend the range; even the dimmers and switches function as repeaters that strengthen the wireless mesh network. Within fifty feet of any extender, dimmer or switch, you can use the PTX3 touchscreen and its 2 -way communications to reliably monitor and control devices and systems anywhere in the house. Additional features of the PTX3 include easy -to -use, backlit pushbuttons, a sleek gloss finish and slim, lightweight design.

The P -DIMEX dimmer and P -SWEX switch have a high quality finish, rocker button, integrated nightlight and support of custom lighting scenes; both are available in white, black and almond. The P -LDIMEX lamp dimmer and P -LSWEX lamp switch enable free -standing lamps to be connected to the control system.

According to Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing, "Prodigy now delivers the fastest, most reliable wireless network available today. So easy to install - no breaking into walls to pull cables - this cost -effective product line enables virtually all homeowners to enjoy the benefits of robust and scalable whole -house automation."

Prodigy by Crestron delivers the power, flexibility and reliability of Crestron to more people and more homes than ever before, requiring no system design or expensive installation. Prodigy Composer is intuitive, so no special training is needed to get a system up and running in minutes.

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RETRO-M is designed to replace existing Home Intercom Systems and operate on existing 3 and 4 wire systems. BLUETOOTH you music by adding the BT-RECEIVER. No need to remove existing master wall housing, trim plates available to cover those large holes. The RETRO-M intercom unit has a built-in AM/FM radio. Plug in mp3 players such as iPod, iPhone, Zune or any other hand held player into the master and share your music with the entire family. Choose between two music sources; listen to the radio in one room and the mp3 in another room.