No Summer is Complete without a Pantel Outdoor Weatherproof HDTV

Pantel Expands Sales Team to Include International Sales

Garden Grove, Calif. - March 29, 2010 - Pantel (, the worldwide leader in outdoor, weatherproof HDTV solutions, announced today that the company has expanded its sales team to include international sales. Increasing sales in Europe and the Middle East have lead to this expansion. The company has added online sales to its website and will also be included in retail catalogues

"For the first quarter of 2010, Pantel has had strong sales especially for its 42 and 52 -inch weatherproof TVs. To accommodate this increase in sales, Pantel has expanded its sales team to better service both our domestic and international customers. We are pleased to mention that has included Pantel TVs in its summer retail catalogue. Pantel believes in creating high definition televisions for discriminating customers that demand the ultimate in television design, reliability and performance virtually anywhere," commented Joe Pantel, CEO of Pantel Corp.

The weatherproof TV series offers brilliant color and exquisite detail in direct sunlight and are ideal for year -round outdoor use in both hot and cold weather extremes. Each TV also includes a waterproof remote control that floats. Five screen sizes are offered up to 65 -inches, which is the largest available on the market.

Pantel mirrored HDTVs are available in four models; the 20", 26" and 32" sizes offer a 1080i HD picture and the 42" features a crisp 1080p HD picture. The touch screen panel or remote control provides easy access to TV functions. Two separate speakers are included that can be placed discreetly nearby. Pantel TVs are also available in customizable packages that include mounting solutions and dust covers.

"Our mirrored HDTVs can hide in plain sight. They are water -resistant and have been designed for moist areas as in a bathroom or spa where they can be placed near a tub, Jacuzzi or in the shower. The HDTVs are ideal for commercial applications such as hotel rooms, saunas and more," Pantel added.

Pricing and Availability
Pantel mirrored TV pricing ranges from $1,999 for the 20 -inch to $4,999 for the 42 -inch HDTV. There are five models of weatherproof TVs available prices start at $2,999 for the 20 -inch and are priced up to $25,999 for the 65 -inch screen. See or email for dealer and retail information.

About Pantel
Headquartered in Orange County, Calif., Pantel Corp is a global leader in the design and distribution of the ultimate in weatherproof and water -resistant HDTV televisions and accessories. The weatherproof displays offer unlimited indoor and outdoor applications. Pantel's discreet water -resistant, mirrored HDTV's are ideal for indoor uses. A variety of accessories are offered including waterproof speakers, dust covers and mounting solutions.

Pantel products are designed for both residential and commercial applications. Commercial weatherproof TV uses include: sports fields, restaurants, golf courses, hospitality, amusement parks, and wherever video entertainment or information would be hosted outdoors. Mirrored TV applications are: bathrooms/showers, kitchens, spas, saunas, patios hotel rooms and everywhere water -resistant entertainment is desired.

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