Alteva CEO Speaks On Disaster Recovery at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2010

William Bumbernick, CEO of Alteva, North America's largest enterprise hosted VoIP provider, recently addressed the channel community on "Positioning Hosted VoIP for Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery"

PHILADELPHIA, PA - March 9, 2010 - William Bumbernick, CEO of Alteva, North America's largest enterprise hosted VoIP provider, recently addressed the channel community on "Positioning Hosted VoIP for Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery" as part of the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery workshop at this year's Channel Partners Conference & Expo, which took place March 1 -3 in Las Vegas. The 2010 show focused on the transformation in communications technology and delivery and how it will impact company business models in the next decade.

"As expected, this year's Channel Partners Conference was a success and a great opportunity to network and converse with other leaders in the industry," said Bumbernick. "I've never seen so much interest from the channel in the cloud or hosted space, and I am thrilled that Alteva had the opportunity to speak at a conference with such a great turnout."

Bumbernick joined several other industry thought leaders to identify several standard services that channel partners can position as part of a BC/DR solution. Bumbernick focused particularly on disaster recovery with unified communications in the cloud, talking specifically about how hosted VoIP improves telecommunications continuity and brings profit opportunity to the channel.

Bumbernick added that you can almost assure 100 percent inbound call capacity to any planned or unplanned recovery site in a properly architected hosted model that is built for redundancy with multiple switches at many locations and live failover. "In an event such as weather, illness, family issue or a regionalized disaster that precludes workers from working in their usual offices, a holistic disaster recovery plan always will address single points of failure on the customer premises as well as the telecom carrier location. The remote office features of hosted VoIP allow employees to work from home comfortably while not incurring extra costs to their client."

Several audience members from the workshop rated the quality of the session, speakers and materials presented from good to excellent according to the attendee reaction survey provided by the show. Several attendees commented that Bumbernick was very knowledgeable in the cloud and hosted space, having brought the most value to the session and that he offered interesting and valuable information on hosted cloud based phone systems.

To view Bill's presentation and learn more about positioning hosted VoIP for business continuity/disaster recovery visit:

About Alteva:
Alteva, North America's largest provider of enterprise hosted VoIP, has become the pioneer for showcasing the high quality and reliability of hosted unified communications solutions. Alteva provides businesses with "Communications as a Service" that requires minimal installation and configuration while eliminating monthly phone and on -premise system maintenance charges and reducing overall communication costs by leveraging the power of cloud -based computing. With a sophisticated open standards infrastructure, Alteva enables businesses to easily integrate existing business applications. Rather than building their processes around the limitations of their phone system, Alteva's customers build their phone systems around their ideal processes. Based in Philadelphia, Alteva provides internet access, telephone system/service and hosted Microsoft Exchange/SharePoint/OCS services to multi -location growth -oriented businesses in 50 states and 14 countries. For more information, visit,, or call 1 -877 -258 -3821.


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