Introducing the Imerge MS1 -HD: the World's Most Advanced Media Server

New hard disk home media server sports integral Blu-ray drive to deliver native 1080p 'Full HD' video storage and playback Cambridge, England -- Imerge, the Cambridge-based pioneer of hard disk home entertainment servers, is delighted to announce th

The MS1 -HD builds upon the groundbreaking MS1, replacing the integral DVD drive with a Blu -ray mechanism to deliver native 1080p video storage and playback. Like its predecessor, the MS1 -HD will rip DVDs and upscale them to 1080p; the key difference is the new Blu -ray drive, which also allows users to store and playback content from Blu -ray discs in all their native 1080p glory.

Imerge MS1 -HD: The Best, Made Better

Upon its launch in 2008, Imerge's flagship MS1 media server was the most advanced management and archiving system for music and movies yet devised. Since then, a series of downloadable software updates to enhance performance and further expand functionality, in line with Imerge's continual improvement programme, has kept the MS1 ahead of the field. Now, in 2010, the new MS1 -HD sets a new benchmark for internet -enabled, high -definition multi -room entertainment, with the end -user's entire media collection stored and accessed via a fully networked hard disk server.

In a nutshell, the MS1 -HD is a Full HD media server for music and movies. It performs like an audio/visual jukebox, delivering high -definition digital entertainment throughout the house with iPhone -style touchscreen controls in every room (in fact, it can be controlled with an iPhone, if the user wishes). Every aspect has been designed from scratch to deliver the best multi -room media server system available in terms of performance, simplicity, functionality and reliability.

The MS1 -HD is the ultimate embodiment of the 'Imerge experience', the core values of which are:

• Class -leading audio/video performance
• Innovative facilities
• Simple, elegant user interface
• Exemplary reliability
• Comprehensive upgradeability

The MS1 -HD is, in effect, the central control unit for a complete MS1 -HD system. It is partnered by Imerge's XiVASafe hard drive components, delivering digital storage that is infinitely scalable according to the end -user's requirements. To this are added individual 'client' units, according to the number of rooms the MS1 -HD is required to serve in a given installation.

The end -user stores all his or her music and movies on the MS1 -HD/XiVASafe system, accessing it through touchscreen control panels and the MS1 -HD's super -slick GUI (Graphical User Interface), displayed on -screen. Different media can be distributed to

different rooms in the house simultaneously; the MS1 -HD is like a 'home entertainment concierge', looking after your media and delivering what you want, when you want it, at the mere swipe of a touchscreen control.

The MS1 has always been 1080p -capable - the original MS1 had a built -in DVD drive, which would rip the end -user's CDs and DVDs automatically; the DVDs would then be upscaled to 1080p. But the big difference with the new MS1 -HD is that it now incorporates a Blu -ray drive. This means you can use it to store and playback content from Blu -ray discs, too, accessing them instantly via the MS1 -HD's menu system and enjoying them in all their native 1080p glory.

The MS1 -HD's matching XiVASafe hard drive storage components have also been upgraded, delivering even greater storage capacity within each XiVASafe chassis - in line with the storage -hungry requirements of Full HD Blu -ray content. The flagship XiVASafe iSCSI chassis now delivers a massive 12TB (12,000GB) of ultra -secure storage - sufficient for 18,000 uncompressed CDs, 1,800 DVDs or 300 Blu -ray discs - while keeping two drives 'redundant' in case of disk failure, for complete peace of mind.

Any form of digital data can be stored on XiVASafe components - not just HD video and audio content but, thanks to Imerge's 'Digital Safe' feature, anything that's stored on a computer, thus delivering the ultimate networked back -up facility for the home. And, because XiVASafe is infinitely scalable, users may add further storage components without limitation as their digital libraries grow.

Commenting on the launch of the MS1, Cameron Wade, CEO of Imerge, said:

"The 'Imerge experience' is all about unparalleled performance, functionality and simplicity, and as our flagship server component, the MS1 -HD is the ultimate embodiment of our core values - a 'statement product' in the truest sense of the term. We now live in a High -Definition world, and the MS1 -HD delivers an incomparable multi -room entertainment experience across all types of media. Its range of features, exceptional flexibility, sound quality and HD video performance make it truly unique."

Below is a summary of the key features that make the MS1 -HD and matching XiVASafe storage components the most advanced HD media server system currently available:

Key Features: Imerge MS1 -HD

• Exceptionally powerful A/V media server for multi -room entertainment systems.
• Purpose -built, non -PC architecture for audiophile/videophile performance.
• Integral Blu -ray drive rips content from CDs, DVDs and Blu -ray discs to store on hard drives for convenient access.
• Full HD (1080p) video playback via HDMI (Blu -ray content played back in native 1080p; DVD content upscaled to 1080p).
• Audiophile -grade audio board with Wolfson Delta -Sigma 24 -bit DACs.
• Extensively upgradable, 'future -proof' architecture; users can upgrade their hardware via free downloadable updates.
• Simple, elegant yet exceptionally powerful graphical user interface ensures effortless operation.
• Extensive connectivity, including Imerge's enhanced XiVA -Link technology for multi -room control.
• Integrates seamlessly with market -leading touchscreen control systems; can also be controlled by Apple iPhone/iPod Touch.
• Comes with a wide selection of albums from Universal Music pre -installed.
• Triple -layer cover art and metadata search facilities, encompassing GD3, Gracenote and AMG - the most comprehensive level of coverage available.
• Connects seamlessly with the forthcoming XiVA Music Store, a next -generation online music store that downloads content directly to the MS1 -HD (Service provided by 7 Digital, online content partner to Blackberry and Spotify).

Key Features: Imerge XiVASafe

• Ultimate hard disk storage solutions for the residential market - perfect partners for the MS1 -HD, the world's most advanced media server.
• Flagship XiVASafe chassis now delivers 12TB storage - sufficient for 18,000 uncompressed album -length CDs, 1,800 DVDs or 300 Blu -ray discs.
• Infinitely scalable - unlimited storage capacity; expandable according to the
end -user's requirements.
• Enterprise -grade data security, specified up to RAID 6 - the same level required by government agencies and medical/financial institutions, delivering ultimate peace of mind.
• 'Digital Safe' facility - store all your digital data on XiVASafe, creating the ultimate automated PC/Mac back -up facility for a home network.
• Transparent user experience - 'concierge -style' service backs up and shares data across the network automatically, and informs the installer if maintenance is required, without input from the end user.

The MS1 -HD receives its launch at this week's Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam. Prices start at $7999, rising according to the specified level of XiVASafe hard disk storage.

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