New generation of Neets control systems

Danish company Neets is working on a new generation of control systems. Build on more than 11 years of experience Neets is creating a new range of intuitive control systems, making it easy to control audio visual equipment in school, meeting and conf

Neets presented the first step of new generation of control systems at this year´s Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam. The first product in the new generation is the biggest system ever in the Danish manufactures portfolio; the Neets Control - ZULU.

The main feature of this new control system is the ability to control the system via an ITouch (IPhone, IPod Touch etc.) or a web browser. The system has a LAN connection making this feature possible. All it requires is a wireless access point. With 24 I/O ports it will still be possible to connect a keyboard to the control system if required.
The system has 4 built in relays where two can be configured to Screen mode. To be able to control if the relays are active Neets has connected 4 test buttons, making it possible to test the relays before installing the control system. You get 1 full RS -232 (Rx/Tx) and furthermore the possibility to select between 4 IR or 4 RS -232 ports. Whether you need 3 RS -232 and 1 IR or 2 IR and 2 RS -232 is up to you. Furthermore the system is born with a real -time clock.
Programming the Neets Control - ZULU is done via RS -232, USB, LAN or a Micro SD card.
The system will be ready in stock this May.
The Neets Control - ZULU is only the first step in the new generation of control systems from Neets. "The idea behind the new systems is build on more than 11 years of experience" states Neets founder and manager Tue Andersen. "We want to continue to make intuitive and easy to use control systems and are working on a new range with more features than our existing portfolio". During 2010 Neets will present new members of the new generation of control systems.
Right now Neets can reveal that the next step is making systems in Neets´ own design, making it possible to fit standard outlets throughout the world. All new systems will have several color LEDs, better fortification and better plugs. Furthermore Neets will make it possible to program the systems with via USB - from the front of the system, making it possible to program the system without dismantling it.
All systems are born with new configuration utility software. The main concern for Neets is that the software will still be very intuitive and easy to use.
The new software called ProjectEditor is already working in the Neets Control - ZULU and is made even easier and more intuitive than the existing configuration software. The program gives a graphic overview on, how the units are connected. With a drag and drop function you can quickly drag a unit on to your work pad and connect it to another unit. You will also see a new interface setup, where you can design your own interface with built in design tools. The program is made with three different programming setups - "normal mode", "wizard mode" and "expert mode", so based on your experience in programming you can chose the mode that fits your skills.
Making the new control systems is a historical step for Neets. "We haven´t changed our way of thinking but mainly improved our existing control systems so they will fit our customer´s requirements in a more suitable manner" states Andersen.

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