Axeze Releases its Computer Logon System - Enhanced ID Security for Computers and other equipment.

Axeze announces its fingerprint-logon product which supports Windows based operating systems. Designed to protect sensitive information, prevent unauthorised access, loss or misuse of data. Domain users can logon Active Directory by a finger touch.

Robert Westervelt, News Editor Search Security reported on 25 Jan 2010 that "the cost of a data breach increased for the fifth straight year to $204 per compromised record". This amount may seem small as an individual cost, but think of a government department or mining business and you could be talking millions of dollars. Worse still think about the cost of sensitive information placed in the hands of the wrong person.

Axeze fingerprint logon product combines Futronic fingerprint authentication software for Microsoft Windows Logon control with their proprietary fingerprint recognition technology to control access to a computer to files and directories.
To logon to a computer a user simply places their finger on the scanning window of the biometric reader. The biometric reader is attached to the computer to logon to the computer or Active Directory of Windows Server. The Password is replaced by a fingerprint. But if you want even greater security a password in combination with a fingerprint provides two factor authentications.
Imagine the hours saved, which can mean thousands of dollars, for Systems Administrators and It Managers as this product provides enhanced computer and network security. We are proud to announce that we have different products for different applications from personal use to highly complex and secure use for governments and large as well as small organizations.
For personal users, this product offers easy Logon control using fingerprints, and best of all this software is free, but you will need to contact Axeze on to purchase your hardware.
For corporate customers logging onto a Server using a fingerprint in a networked computers environment there are two components. Client and Server.
• The server component works on Windows with Active Directory Schema Extension technology and integrates seamlessly with Active Directory.
• Client component works on any operating system.
Once it is installed in the client computer, all domain users can logon Active Directory by a finger touch. Installation is very easy and can be set up and running in 2 -3 hours. We charge a per user license fee for this commercial software, so you only pay for the number of users, no setup fees, bundles fees, hidden or additional fees, so this solution is highly cost effective.
Two free software tools are also available with our products and these provide more secure and convenient computing environment:
• One Touch Password Filler - - It can replace any "username + password" pair by a finger touch when logon to any Windows and Web -based software.
• Fingerprint File Encryption - - It can encrypt and decrypt both files and folders by a finger touch.
Both share the fingerprint database so it is only necessary for users to register their fingerprints once.
About Axeze Pty Ltd
Axeze researches, designs and develops and sources the manufacture or RFID access control systems and resells a range of fingerprint recognition hardware and software products. Its mission is to provide advanced recognition products and solutions to customers who need enhanced security in identity management. With a combination of our own products and with partners like Futronic Technology, Hanwan etc we provide recognition products and solutions for physical and logical access control, computer and network logon, identity management and E -commerce. For more information, please visit or phone +61 8 83408200

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