Audience to Exhibit at First -Ever AXPONA Audio Expo North America In Jacksonville, Florida On March 5 - 7, 2010

For Immediate Release Contact: Frank Doris 631-645-5668 Dan Rosca/Audience 714-402-1760

San Marcos, CA, February 4, 2010 - Audience, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing ultimate -performance audio/video equipment, will be demonstrating a complete high -end audio system at the inaugural AXPONA Audio Expo North America in Jacksonville, Florida. AXPONA will take place March 5 - 7, 2010 at the Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel. Audience will be co -exhibiting in the Rope Room with House of Stereo, North Florida's oldest premium audio/video dealer.

Co -sponsored by Stereophile, one of the world's preeminent audio publications, AXPONA is a new consumer audio show that will be open to the public and will showcase the finest in audio equipment. It will have more than 100 exhibitors, and will also host a number of seminars, panels, live music performances and special events.

The focal point of the Audience system will be the ClairAudient LSA 16+16 loudspeaker, a unique bi -pole (front - and rear -radiating) design that incorporates the company's proprietary full -range, crossoverless Audience A3 -S drivers to deliver an unprecedented combination of ultra high resolution and dynamics, tonal accuracy and precise imaging of vocals and instruments in a three -dimensional soundspace. Measuring 15 inches wide by 12 inches deep by six feet tall and incorporating 32 A3 -S drivers per channel, the LSA 16+16 is graceful and elegant in appearance, and is available in a choice of exotic wood finishes.

The ClairAudient LSA 16+16 will be complemented by the Wavemaster buffered autoformer preamplifier, prototype Wavepower Class D monoblock power amplifiers, Adept Response aR6 -T and aR12 -T power conditioners, Au24e cables, Au24 powerChords, powered subwoofer and other components.

These products incorporate numerous innovations such as a loudspeaker without conventional woofers, midrange drivers, tweeters and crossovers; proprietary amplifier circuit designs; and even the company's custom -made Auricap and Aura -T capacitors and Auric hookup wire. The result is components that convey music with extraordinary musical realism, impact and subtlety - and the emotional involvement of a real -life performance.

Audience audio components and loudspeakers are designed and built to the absolute highest "no -compromise" standards of quality and craftsmanship. Their products have earned worldwide acclaim from reviewers, customers and dealers.

AXPONA will showcase a wide variety of audio components and systems, from turntables and tube amplifiers to the latest high -resolution downloadable audio formats. In addition to all the exhibitor demonstrations, the show will host a number of seminars and panels by some of the most knowledgeable people in the audio industry, including seminars on turntable setup and digital music reproduction by Stereophile reviewer Michael Fremer and editor -in -chief John Atkinson. In addition, a number of live jazz, classical and popular music concerts are scheduled.

One unique session will feature a recording of a live performance done by leading recording engineer and producer Mark Waldrep. After the performance, the recording will be played back before the audience on a high -end playback system, giving the attendees a unique opportunity to compare live and reproduced sound.

A number of additional special events will take place, including the prize giveaway of a $4,500 AMR CD -777 high -end CD processor.

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About Audience

Audience was formed in November 1997 by John McDonald and the late Richard Smith, as a design and production company focused on building the best possible audio and video equipment. To pass the Audience test, each product must truly make a significant contribution to the reproduction of audio and/or video. Audience offers loudspeakers, electronics, cables, power conditioners, high -resolution capacitors and the Auric Illuminator optical disk resolution enhancement.

Audience's commitment is to develop the very best products possible, and the company is committed to unexcelled customer service and product support. All Audience cables have an unconditional lifetime warranty and power conditioners have a ten -year warranty. For more information visit www.audience

About AXPONA Audio Expo North America

Audio Expo North America's mission is to further the faithful reproduction of music. Its outreach, by education and demonstration, is to dealers and consumers. It is dedicated to the proposition that living with music is different and better than living without music. The organization's first event, AXPONA, is scheduled for March 5 - 7, 2010. For further information, visit the AXPONA website: or contact Bill Kanner at

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