Salt Lake City - Feb. 1, 2010 - Mozaex™ ( has been launched by Axonix founder Douglas Kihm with the goal of redefining personal multi -room, multi -media Blu -ray entertainment. Now fully funded and operating, key members of the Axonix team have also continued on with Mozaex.

Drawing from more than 26 years of experience at Axonix where he presided over the development of the company's award -winning product lines, Kihm decided to launch a new Blu -ray server company that meets the demands of high -end home integrators for rock -solid reliability and serviceability.

"After developing MediaMax and listening closely to the needs of leading custom home electronics dealers, I decided to form a company that addresses the un -served need for a premier Blu -ray media server with never -fail reliability, online system service, and unmatched quality," explained Kihm, Mozaex CEO. "There really is only one other competitor left in the media server market and they don't support Blu -ray, photos, or online media, nor do they provide full online system maintenance or a no charge three -year warranty service program. Mozaex uniquely fills this demand."

Mozaex will demonstrate its new product line at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from February 2 - 4 alongside its exclusive German distributor Audionetwork in Booth 1H5 in the RAI Exhibition Centre.

The company achieves its goal of "Set and Forget" reliability, in a large part, by shipping every Mozaex system with SurePlay™, an online remote access, system maintenance program that allows either the dealer or Mozaex to update and maintain the system anywhere in the world. Along with its EasyUp™ single -click user software updating utility, dealers no longer need to perform time consuming and costly on -site maintenance.

"It is all about 100 percent reliability and service," Kihm continued. "We are in the process of training our eight domestic rep firms and ten international distributors to provide our dealers with exceptional support both online and on -site, plus remote online system service."

The Mozaex system, according to Kihm, allows instant playback of media stored on its Server, including Blu -ray and DVD movies, CD and MP3 music, photos and on -demand NetFlix™ movies and Pandora™ music via the Mozaex NetPlay™ online media service. Any media can be played simultaneously in any room resulting in unprecedented ease, elegance, and excitement.

New Mozaex Product Lines
Mozaex offers two types of expandable systems that meet the needs of both the most discriminating client and the cost conscientious client:

• Player / Server Systems - Up to 30 Blu -ray playback zones based on individual players and centralized storage server. Three player models are available with varying chassis, pricing, and audio and video features.

• All -In -One Systems - Based on a single, fully integrated unit, the affordable All -In -One systems combines one or several players with and integrated storage Server. The Solo Series includes both a Blu -ray player and storage, while the Bravo and Quartet are four music player -based servers with and without an integrated Blu -ray player, respectively.

Pricing starts at $2,495 (USA MSRP) for a single Blu -ray zone, Player; the All -In -One, 1TB Solo 1 model has a retail price of $4,195. Servers are available with up to 15TBs of RAID 6 protected storage and start at $5,995 for the 4TB Server 2U non -RAID model.

Unlike Media Center Edition PC -based media servers, Mozaex is a dedicated, proprietary media server appliance that is designed for continuous ultra -reliable operation. Mozaex offers the broadest interoperability with virtually any control system, including touch panel controllers from companies such as Crestron®, AMX® and Control4®. The company is releasing at the ISE 2010 Amsterdam show new Interfaces for the new Philips® Pronto™ and NetStreams® touch panels.

Warranty and Service
Mozaex products are covered by a limited three -year warranty and free product lifetime telephone support. Mozaex is also currently offering service and support for the no longer manufactured Axonix MediaMax product line.

USA Distribution and contact information:
Mozaex Headquarters USA - 3785 South 700 East Salt Lake City Utah 84106
Contact: Sales Department 800.866.9797 or +01.801.685.9000;;

International Distribution
Australia - Network Audio Visual +61 290 118 082
Canada - Aralex Acoustics, LTD. +604 528 8965
Austria/Germany/Switzerland - Audionetwork +49 202 24 25 50
Greece - JG Integrated Solutions +210 614 9513
Italy - Nautilus S.r.l +39 348 5564142
Middle East - SoundsME Trading LLC - +97 104 34 99 39
Russia - IntelHouses Ltd. +7 495 775 4616
Spain & Portugal - Millenium Digital Home +34 954 09 77 77
Sweden - Svenska VEDOS AB +46 317 75 73 00
United Kingdom +44 1359 270280

About Mozaex
Mozaex was formed by the founder and developer of the Axonix® MediaMax™ with the goal of delivering the world's finest and most reliable Blu -ray™ Entertainment Server. Mozaex is a multi -room media server that loads, stores and instantly delivers, Blu -ray movies, music, photos and Internet content. Combining elegant operation with uncompromised reliability and quality, Mozaex is quickly becoming the solution of choice for homes, yachts and hotels around the world. Mozaex is sold exclusively through a network of dealers that are serviced by domestic rep firms and international distributors in 14 countries.

Mozaex - Enrich, Entertain, Excite™

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