New VidaBox "vAutomation Edition" Nevo S70 (vS70™) Remotes Control Any Device via Fully Customizable vAutomation Interfaces

VidaBox, LLC announces the new "vAutomation Edition" Nevo S70™ remote, specifically designed to present fully customizable interfaces stored on a vAutomation server right on its 3.5" color touch screen.

Amsterdam, NL - ISE 2010 - February 2nd - Booth 1I27 - VidaBox, LLC is excited to announce the new "vAutomation Edition" Nevo S70™ remote, specifically designed to present fully customizable interfaces stored on a vAutomation server right on its 3.5" color touch screen. Dubbed the vS70™, this new remote allows users to control any device easily, ranging from AV sources, distribution matrices, lighting, climate, security, and other integrable subsystems over RS -232, TCP/IP, IR, and other communication protocols - all from the remote's hard buttons or color touch screen.

"The vS70™ is the 'missing piece' that many of our dealers have been asking for," says Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox, LLC. "Dealers and end users alike love vAutomation for its full customizability and flexibility, but controls for vAutomation have been mostly based on relatively expensive in -wall touch panels and mobile tablets thus far. With this new vS70™ remote and Touch3.6™ in -wall pads, this powerful combination fills the need for cost -effective touch screen controls, without sacrificing the customization capabilities that integrators and clients want."

When powered on, the vS70™ automatically seeks a vAutomation server on the local area network over WiFi, and pulls the control interfaces from the server. These interfaces are fully customizable to allow control, integration, and automation of any device. Anytime a change is made in the programming, the changes are instantly reflected on every vS70™. This provides massive time savings for integrators, since remotes no longer need to be updated individually.

"The design of the vS70™ solves the nuisance associated with updating conventional programmable remotes," continues Cheung. "When integrators make a programming change, they generally have to be on -site and manually upload the new programming onto each remote. Since every vAutomation server includes remote access, dealers can make updates to the server from the comfort of their office, and instantly push out these changes to every remote. With vAutomation and the vS70™, lengthy and drawn -out trips to a customer's home for even minor updates are now a thing of the past."

The vS70™ is available now for dealers who have attended and completed vAutomation training. For more details and specifications on the vS70™, vAutomation control platform, vAutomation training, and other VidaBox digital entertainment and control solutions, please visit the company website at, or call 516 -730 -7500.

About VidaBox LLC

VidaBox LLC is a digital entertainment and controls solutions company focused on manufacturing premium media centers, audio servers, and integrated home control & automation solutions. VidaBox is on a mission to create user -friendly, stable, high -performance Media Center systems that work right out of the box and integrate seamlessly with multizone audio and smart home technologies. For more information, visit or call 1 -516 -730 -7500


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