SIM2 Offers iPhone Application for Home Theater Setup

SIM2 is pleased to offer SIM2Calc, a tool that assists in designing home theaters, consistent with industry standards and specifically tailored to the individual theater environment, this new program is available on the Apple iTunes store for $29.99

Miramar, Florida -January 2010 -SIM2 is pleased to offer SIM2Calc, a tool that assists in designing home theaters, consistent with industry standards and specifically tailored to the individual theater environment, this new program is available on the Apple iTunes store for $29.99 USD. The SIM2Calc program cleverly deals with all the tedious calculations involved in a projector install and ensures the user can get the desired information in a very intuitive way -it is a must have for home theater enthusiasts, custom installers, and video professionals alike.

SIM2Calc is a comprehensive collection of calculation tools covering the vital aspects of home theater video design including: Screen Type and Size, Projector Model, Aspect Ratio, Throw Ratio Calculator, Geometry Settings, Viewing Angle Map and Luminance Levels. Furthermore, the tools are organized by tabs in an logical progression, guiding the user through the process of designing a SIM2 projection system that adheres closely to industry standards and best practices to achieve reference video quality.

"The SIM2Calc is designed to assist the user to accurately calculate, based on their customer's individual preferences or needs, instead of using generalized tables to find a suitable projector," said Alberto Fabiano of SIM2 USA. "SIM2 dealers are renowned for offering the best customer service in the industry; this easy to use application provides a fast solution to be used anywhere."

Simply start by defining the screen size. The Screen tool allows for easy calculation of any screen dimension. Support for any aspect ratio is provided, allowing the user to choose from a selection of widely -used ratios or to define a specific custom setting.

The next step provides the parameters for projector placement based on the Screen Size/Ratio previously entered. Alternatively, the user can enter the distance from the screen and desired projector placement and the tool will calculate the required screen size; this is particularly helpful for selecting the ideal lens type on SIM2's higher -end projectors.

The Luminance tool determines, based on the above - -mentioned parameters, the selected projector model's light output, using the Screen Gain information and Projector's factory declared Lumens value.

With the Angle tool, the user can validate that the viewing angle is correct for the intended seating position in accordance with industry standards such as THX or SMPTE.

Offering added flexibility, SIM2Calc works in both imperial and metric units and the Settings tab gives you the choice between centimeters, meters, inches, and feet. It also provides luminance information in both Foot Lambert and Nits.

Charlie Boornazian, SIM2's VP of Sales and Marketing adds, "Alberto Fabiano has assisted in the development of this easy to use but yet sophisticated tool that makes it simple to plan a SIM2 projection system. After careful research among our sales force, it was determined that the iPhone was a perfect vehicle for this tool, giving designers the ability to precisely plan and calculate on the spot with a client."

Sim2Calc is available now on the iTunes App Store for 29.99 USD. It is compatible with iPhone 3G and higher and iPod Touch latest models. While this application is available to everyone, SIM2 Authorized dealers will receive complimentary downloads and should contact their representative for additional information.

About SIM2 USA Inc. and SIM2 Multimedia
Since their entrance into the US home theater market in 1999, SIM2 USA, under the guidance of its parent SIM2 Multimedia (established in 1995), has dedicated its resources to marketing and servicing products that meet the demands of the US market. SIM2 Multimedia is a worldwide leading manufacturer of home theater products and leading provider of high -end performance large screen systems (for control rooms, information, communication, and simulation) and professional projection systems for E -cinema applications. Over the years, SIM2 has gained a reputation for meeting the industry's demands for new, emerging technologies, offering high -quality and reliable products that meet the customer's need in any application. Products are designed and manufactured in Italy. The marketing policies of the company are world -oriented, with a direct presence in Italy (headquarters), the USA, UK, China, Germany (sister companies), and in over 60 countries worldwide through partnerships with qualified distributors.

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