Introducing the next generation of the TheaterStation® Multi -Zone Digital Media Management System

A Complete Multi-Zone Affordable Entertainment System for the Consumer Electronics market. Designed for Ease of Use, Ease of Installation, Stability, and Expandability

CARROLLTON, TX - January 19, 2010 - Envive®, Inc., the market innovator in entertainment solutions, today announced availability of the next generation of the TheaterStation® Multi -Zone Digital Media Management System. Envive introduced three new TheaterStation3 (TS3) models (TS3 -1TB, TS3 -2TB, and TS3 -4TB) and the new TSClient Mini (TSCM) with improved processing and graphics performance to enable the playback of native 1080p content. The TS3 family is designed for consumers seeking the ultimate home media experience and includes both single zone and multi -zone solutions. The new TheaterStation Digital Media Management System expands Envive's product line to enable playback of native 1080p resolution content in a variety of container formats. Envive's Digital Media Management System enables users to easily transfer, store, sort, and enjoy music, home movies, films, and videos that they have created, or purchased and downloaded from the internet.

TheaterStation Digital Media Management System is designed to offer consumers the ability to easily enjoy and interact with their media libraryš by supporting playback of a wide range of content and file types. "Consumers have an ever increasing libraryš of digital content of music, videos, home movies, and films that they create, purchase, or download. There is a need for support of true high definition in the market and TheaterStation is designed to be an easy to use, stable, and expandable system which enables customers to store, sort, and enjoy this library," said Chris Bortner, CEO of Envive. "The new generation of high end HD camcorders generates 1080p content in M2TS containers with a file extension of MTS or M2TS. It is important that our new TS3 line of TheaterStation products support native playback of MTS/M2TS files." Envive's complete TheaterStation product line makes it the ideal choice for single -zone media installations and multi -zone media installations.

The TheaterStation User Interface enables the enthusiast to make the most of their investment in their entire digital media libraryš. "By providing easy ways to store, sort, and access digital media we have found that customers get more enjoyment out of their home theater, home movies, music, and their entire digital libraryš," said John Boyd, TheaterStation National Sales Manager for Envive. "Customers can easily see their entire libraryš in our graphical Spin™ interface and spend more time enjoying their libraryš than trying to find something they want".

Pricing & Availability

The TheaterStation Digital Media Management System is available immediately. The TSCM has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $3,495 in the United States, and includes a standard three -year limited warranty. The TheaterStation3 line is available immediately and has a manufacturer's suggested retail price starting at $4,650 in the United States, and includes a three -year limited warranty.

TheaterStation3 (TS3) Family

* Easy to Install & Easy to Use
* Simple and Intuitive Spin™ User Interface
* 1 to 4 Terabytes of storage
* Supports HDMI Video & Audio
* Available in Rack Mount and Tower configurations
* IR, Serial, and IP (iPhone, iPod Touch) Control support
* Expandable to five zones with up to four TSClient Mini

TSClient Mini (TSCM)

* Easy to set up and connect to the TheaterStation or Networked Storage unit
* HDMI output of 720p or 1080p
* Low power, environmentally friendly, RoHS design
* HDMI and optical audio output
* Full featured Parental Control with PassKey Access
* Built in DVD for local content playback
* IR, IP (iPhone, iPod Touch), and Serial control

File Support

* Video container formats including AVI, MPEG2, MPEG4, DVD ISO, MTS, M2TS, MKV, H.264, and VC1
* Audio container formats including FLAC, OGG, AAC

1 - Envive doesn't promote, encourage, or condone the violation of applicable Copyright Laws in your country. Digital library is only meant to include non -copy -protected digital content.

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