HUSH DIGIFI now supports local USB DAC

HUSH DIGIFI now supports local USB DAC London - Jan 6th, 2010 - Digital Fidelity ltd, are delighted to announce that their range of DigiFi products now support USB DACs to enable local playback at true audiophile quality.

All DigiFi products from Digital Fidelity support local playback through generic USB audio digital interface (supports 24/96), M -Audio Transit (supports 24/192), and S/PDIF (supports 24/96).

The DigiFi platform was designed to marry the convenience of the world of the CEDIA installed -home with flexibility of the world of UPnP. Able to provide bit -perfect ripping and local storage of music as well as ripping directly to NAS drives, the HUSH DigiFi's are also able to 'harvest' content stored on any drives shared on the home network, as well as connected MP3 players and USB drives. All the music catalogued is displayed as one music library for control either by the HUSH DigiFi's own interfaces but also by Pronto, together with Crestron and AMX (for the HD -F200 and DF -R200 only).

Encased in a striking, beautifully engineered, robust aluminium chassis, and using HUSH's patented and award winning silent cooling technology, two Hush DigiFi models are shipping now and available from Digital Fidelity:

o HDF200, with 2 terabytes of internal storage (1000GB mirrored)
o HDF100M, with 1 terabyte of internal storage (500GB mirrored)

"With the HUSH DigiFi, the progressive custom installer is now able to open up fresh new opportunities in the Custom Install space by offering genuine audiophile solutions, either locally using a USB DAC, or by integrating and controlling the Linn DS range using Pronto or within a full Crestron or AMX install" commented Matthew Simmons, Commercial Director for Digital Fidelity.

Available now from Digital Fidelity the H -DF100m is priced at £2,299 and £3,499 for the HDF200. A custom install version in a 19" rack with integrated PSU is available at 2,699 (spec as H -DF200).

About the DigiFi Platform

The Hush/Streaming Player combination is a full IP -based solution, with storage and control infrastructure in a centralised (including rack -mount) location, and digital distribution over CAT5 to Linn DS and other supported players. All DigiFi models rip and encode to WAV, FLAC and MP3, and are able to store content to NAS drives to support the most extensive music collections.

The DigiFi is also able to 'harvest' content stored on any drives shared on the home network, as well as connected MP3 players and USB drives. Harvested formats supported are WAV, MP3, WMA (inc Lossless), FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless but DigiFiTM intelligently transcodes all those, where necessary, to the formats supported by each player. All the music harvested, irrespective of source - local, NAS, PC, Mac - is catalogued and displayed as one music library for control either by Crestron and AMX control -surfaces or the DigiFi's own interfaces running on PC, PDA and TV.

About Digital Fidelity

Headquartered in London, Digital Fidelity is a manufacturing and software consultancy that specialises in supplying flexible, efficient, and sophisticated platform solutions to international audio -visual manufacturers for the creation of products that store, control and playback digital content such as music servers.

Backed by substantial private investment and in partnership with leading hardware and software providers, Digital Fidelity do this by specialising in developing highly flexible integrated hardware/software packages that are designed to take digital music into the living room; not as a dressed -up PC but as a true Consumer Electronics product.

Digital Fidelity supports this key principle by continuing to innovate and develop integrated hardware/software packages based on their acclaimed DigiFiTM platform. DigiFiTM also integrates seamlessly with most popular multi -room systems and is the software engine driving the NAIM server range, NETSTREAMS SMM100 as well as the recently announced DMM products from VANTAGE CONTROLS.

For more information about Digital Fidelity and DigiFiTM please email or contact Matthew Simmons - Commercial Director on +44 208 956 2282. or visit our website

About Hush

Headquartered just outside Stuttgart, Germany HUSH Technologies is the leading manufacturer of award -winning precision -engineered, silent PCs. Established in 2003, HUSH Technologies have been pioneering the silent PC and winning numerous awards. Ergonomics, reliability and silence are our philosophy and our focus is on beautifully designed products, at home as much in the living room as much as the office.
Hush Technologies (UK) Ltd, have teamed up with Digital Fidelity, London -based software outfit specialising in the management and control of digital content in the home, to produce the Hush DigiFi under license.
Hush Technologies - The Science of Silence.
For more information about Hush Technologies (UK) Ltd and the Hush DigiFiTM please email or call Beverley Richmond at 0845 686 0833. For more information about Digital Fidelity or DigiFiTM, please contact Matthew Simmons

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