Touch Panel Control introduces TPControl, an iPhone application for AMX control systems

Following a 3-month extensive beta test by control system integration professionals, TPControl has now been submitted to the iPhone App Store. Besides the portability accorded by a mobile phone application, TPControl offers unmatched ease-of-use.

Following a 3 -month extensive beta test by control system integration professionals, TPControl has now been submitted to the iPhone App Store. Besides the portability accorded by a mobile phone application, TPControl offers unmatched ease -of -use and powerful features including multi -touch capability, fast load speed and smart keyboard functionality.

London, December 31, 2009: Touch Panel Control Ltd (, a mobile software development company specializing in creating applications that integrate with home automation control systems, has announced the launch of TPControl, an iPhone application for the AMX control system platform. The product will be available Jan 2010 for download from the Apple App Store.

The extremely easy -to -use application, which seamlessly integrates with the AMX control system, lets users control various home and office systems, home theatre equipment, lighting, security systems, training facilities, etc. from their iPhones/iPod Touch. The application benefits from all of the features a portable device brings e.g. carry it everywhere, connect anytime remotely, reach into your pocket convenience and also uses some of the niftiest features of the iPhone to significantly enhance the functionality of AMX panels. The multi -touch capability, fast load speed, smart keyboard features and portability that this application lends make it a highly valuable tool for users of AMX control systems.

"TPControl is being launched after an extensive, 3 -month beta testing by control system integration professionals, " said Tristan Graham, Product Manager of TPControl. "We are certainly extremely encouraged by the favourable response to the product; at the same time, we have taken on board all the valuable feedback we received during the beta phase to enhance it to a truly powerful and user -friendly application."

"The rollout of this application for the AMX platform is just the first step in our goal to provide the most affordable and user -friendly mobile technology -based software applications for control systems manufacturers and users. Our product roadmap has a lineup of innovative and highly useful products for the installation community which will enable them to deliver greater value to end users."

TPControl, which enables users to easily turn an iPhone/iPod Touch into a touch panel, will soon be rolling out similar applications that integrate with other control system platforms including Crestron systems, Pronto Systems and RTI systems. Those interested in finding out more can get a video preview of TPControl or sign up for e -mail updates.

About Touch Panel Control Ltd
Touch Panel Control specializes in developing mobile software applications for home automation control systems. Touch Panel Control is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable users interface with leading control system manufacturers and cost -effectively take maximum advantage of the various technologies that are available within the control systems industry. Touch Panel Control will offer mobile solutions for the AMX, Crestron, RTI and Philips Pronto platforms through smart devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. The company's highly -talented team comprises of domain experts in the home automation realm and software engineers experienced in state -of -the -art web and mobile technologies.
Touch Panel Control's first product TPControl, a iPhone/iTouch application for AMX control systems, will launch in January, 2010.

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Product Manager
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