Gigle Networks to Introduce Intelligent WiFi & Powerline Switching, its Next Generation Green Home -Networking Platform Plus Other Performance Enhancements at CES 2010

Next-Generation Platform Simplifies Home Networking and Improves Reliability and Coverage while Reducing Power Consumption

Gigle Networks, a leading developer of intelligent multi -PHY switching solutions for both wired and wireless entertainment -grade home networking, today announced that it will preview multi -stream HD video distribution over the world's first intelligently managed WiFi and Powerline communications network topology at its suite at CES 2010. In addition, the company will showcase new Green Networking technology that optimizes network power consumption without the need for consumer intervention, and will also show how the bonding of HomePlug AV® and mediaxtream™ channels across multiple wires optimizes network coverage and reliability.

"For the first time WiFi and Powerline have been transparently combined to extend traditional home -networking coverage and performance beyond what either networking technology can achieve by itself, while providing full fault tolerance and improving overall noise immunity," said Juan Carlos Riveiro, chief executive officer of Gigle Networks. "This makes for a simpler, more universal and consumer -friendly solution for IPTV, Over -The -Top video distribution and entertainment networking. Also, we have added advanced power management and Green Networking support to our overall product portfolio, enabling highly energy -efficient networking functionality to be added to consumer electronics and service provider platforms. This automatically reduces power usage based on network loads, rather than requiring the consumer to take any action to enable power savings."

Gigle Networks' intelligent multi -PHY switching solutions integrate an intelligent switching agent known as Xtendnet™, which continually monitors the performance of every physical link in the network. If a link becomes impaired and cannot provide the required Quality of Service (QoS), alone, then Xtendnet™ can aggregate multiple physical links to form a virtual point -to -point connection.

Gigle Networks' "Green Networking" low -power technology is the only multi -PHY network power -saving scheme that does not require user intervention, and exceeds emerging European requirements for standby power usage.

Gigle Networks will be hosting a suite at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel (Suite 560) and presenting its products and technology at the HomePlug Powerline Alliance TechZone at Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, Booth #20301.

About Gigle Networks: "Plug into the Fun"
Gigle Networks provides system -on -chip integrated circuits and complete system solutions for multimedia home networking that can extend wired and wireless Ethernet everywhere in the home - without the need for new wires. Targeted for applications such as Internet Protocol television (IPTV), broadband TV (BBTV), video on demand (VoD), and voice over IP (VoIP), Gigle Networks' products offer superior performance, coverage and Quality of Service as compared to alternative communication technologies, and are designed to be easily integrated into consumer electronics and networked products. Gigle Networks is a strong supporter of open standards, a board member of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, a promoter member of the HomeGrid Forum and an active participant in the IEEE P1901 and ITU -T wire -line standardization initiatives. Gigle Networks has offices in Redwood City, California, Barcelona, Spain, and Edinburgh, UK.

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