BG Radia to offer multi -sub calibration training at CES

Based on the success of their BGX-4850 and BGX-2450 THX_certified in-wall subwoofer systems, BG Radia is inviting their authorized dealers and sales reps to learn how to analyze rooms and properly place multiple subwoofers for optimal bass response.

BG Radia introduced their BGX subwoofer systems at the beginning of 2009 and have won universal acclaim, with several rave reviews and numerous major industry awards, including CEA's Platinum Award as their best subwoofer of the year, a Manufacturer's Elite Top 10 New Product Award from CEDIA, and a RESI Award from "Residential Systems" magazine.

These systems were developed over 5 -1/2 years in conjunction with Laurie Fincham at THX, and are the first - and only - THX Ultra2 certified subs that can go in a wall. They use no back box and produce virtually no vibration, so they can be built into any place that will hold their <4" depth (wall, ceiling, floor, soffit, cabinetry, seating riser, under a sofa or chair, in a small void in a boat or plane, etc.).

BG Radia supports the common knowledge that to get even bass response over a large listening area requires multiple subwoofers, hence their packaging of either 2 or 4 (or more) sub modules in each system. Careful positioning of these multiple modules can provide extremely linear response covering many seats in a real -world room. There are, however, locations and rules of thumb that work better than others, depending on the room's size and layout.

BG Radia will conduct training and certification for their dealers and reps at CES in their suite at the Residence Inn, right across Paradise Road from the Convention Center. Using an inexpensive calibration microphone and duplex sound card with a laptop, and RTA software BG will provide at no charge, dealers will learn to analyze proper placement by moving subwoofers around the room and measuring the response at various locations. After CES, BG Radia will continue training on the road, through their reps, and are planning a series of webinars with a quiz to certify in this process. Only those dealers who go through this training successfully will be certified and allowed to order and install BGX subwoofer systems.

BG Radia will also use CES to introduce a new amplifier for the BGX subs, with more features and higher performance than the original model. They will also show the BGX -S6B, a new smaller subwoofer module at half the size of the original, for use in smaller rooms. The Radia R -550 line -source will also be demonstrated, a new in -wall speaker featuring their patented planar magnetic ribbon drivers as a true line -source, in a new narrower 7" width.

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