Design Appeal from Monitor Audio's New Apex A/V Loudspeaker System

Blending the advanced technologies and high-precision techniques of our superlative 'Platinum' 'GS' and 'RX' product platforms with elite styling. The Apex achieves a level of design integrity, performance and versatility.

A ground -up reworking of the sat/sub concept sees Monitor Audio's Apex systems

offering exemplary design, engineering and performance.

December 2, 2009. Monitor Audio UK Ltd, the privately owned and managed British specialist in hi -fi loudspeaker design, is proud to announce the availability of its 'Apex' range of compact luxury A/V speakers.

Apex is a 'flagship' range of versatile compact speakers which addresses the market beyond our highly successful Radius HD range. Blending the advanced technologies and high -precision techniques of our superlative 'Platinum' 'GS' and 'RX' product platforms with elite styling, the Apex range achieves a level of design integrity, performance and versatility that raises the bar for the compact sat/sub speaker system market.

The initial three model line -up comprises a stand/wall -mounting compact satellite, the A10; a larger wall mounting satellite the A40; and a 500W (RMS) active subwoofer, the AW -12. All of the satellites are of an ultra -rigid die -cast aluminum construction in a sumptuous black metallic or pearl white metallic high gloss lacquer and finished with brushed metal alloy side trims. The AW -12 is made from 1.18" (30mm) MDF, lacquered and finished to match the satellites. The smooth, rounded, lustrous Apex design provides a sense of luxury and style to complement the best in contemporary interior design.

A new C -CAM® driver has been engineered exclusively for the Apex design, complete with the high performance RST® dimpled cone geometry of our 'GS' and 'RX' ranges. The 5 1/2 " (140mm) RST cone is suspended on a rigid die -cast aluminum chassis and driven by an over -sized motor system featuring a high power voice coil and vented cooling.

Paired with the bass driver is an optimized 1" (25mm) C -CAM gold -dome tweeter, FEA -tuned to reach beyond 35kHz. Following the design of our flagship Platinum speakers, the drivers are secured using a single central through -bolt fixing, which doubles as a cabinet brace to further reduce resonance. This has the advantage of mechanically de -coupling the driver and cabinet to enhance mid -band clarity and resolution. Another Platinum series innovation, the HiVe®II port design, has been introduced to facilitate a more rapid movement of air through the Apex enclosure for life -like bass speed and punch.

The use of C -CAM drivers throughout gives the Axis systems even sonic consistency, complemented by a breathtaking level of detail and dynamic control. When installed in a wide range of configurations for two -channel or multi -channel music and movie applications, they will provide high quality enhancement to rooms large and small, and a performance that belies their size and price.

The A10 is an ultra -compact stand or wall -mounting satellite designed for use as an audiophile mini -monitor, or with the A40 and the AW -12 subwoofer in a high quality multi -channel sound system. The die -cast metal wall bracket supplied with the A10 provides for easy, unobtrusive installation on a wall, ceiling or table top. The adjustment of a single screw provides for the full pivoting of the bracket through 30 degrees in all directions, allowing the speaker to be directed precisely and with ease.

A10 Stand
The stylish A10 stand is pre -wired with our own Silver Pureflow® cable for convenience and to avoid unsightly hanging wires. An innovative mounting arrangement means that the A10 is automatically connected to the system as it slides onto the stand.

The slender Apex A40 is intended to be used vertically or horizontally as a main speaker or to perform centre channel duties in a multichannel audio/video system. Due to their very shallow 4 1/8" (105mm) depth, it is ideal for use with flat panel displays. With a clear and even response down to 55Hz, it can deliver excellent hi -fi sound in a style -oriented two -channel system, or when combined with the AW -12 active subwoofer, stunning multi -channel sound defined by low distortion, tonal accuracy, pin -point imaging and dynamic response. The A40 uses the 1" (25mm) gold dome C -CAM tweeter found on the A10, flanked by dual 5 ¼" (140mm) C -CAM bass/mid drivers. The A40 bracket is designed to provide the maximum flexibility when positioned next to thin displays. The shallow -profile bracket supplied holds the A40 almost flush with the wall, but allows the speaker to be tilted toward the listening area and also forward or back to align the speaker front with that of the screen.

The AW -12 active subwoofer is completely new from the ground up. Every component has been designed specifically for the AW -12, including the massively engineered front -firing 12" C -CAM driver and 500 watt Class D amplifier. The amplifier and complementary high efficiency switch mode power supply are able to deliver full power with a continuous rating, equal to most other subwoofers rated at 1000 watts. This means the AW -12 is able to provide high output with low distortion for continuous periods without fatigue or overheating. Finished in the Apex lacquers and complete with aluminum side trims, the AW -12's sealed cabinet is easy to position. The top mounted controls for volume and EQ settings makes for easy set -up and adjustment. The 12V trigger input allows for auto -on when using a compatible A/V receiver or processor. A new adjustable foot design has the floor spike permanently fitted with a removable heavy duty rubber cover for solid or hard wood flooring. Balancing beautifully the Apex virtues of convenience and design, refinement and power, the AW -12 offers superior subwoofer engineering.

Availability: Early 2010

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