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Pam Distributing announced for distribution and sale by new wholesale customers, the next level in video surveillance from SeeStation, their new multi-featured field serviceable and upgradable Analog/IP Audio/Video Surveillance DVR security solution.

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Now Available To Resellers From PAM Distributing™ And SeeStation™
In 5 Configurations
For Home To Large Enterprise Security

Tulsa, Oklahoma, November 23, - Pam Distributing, a warehousing electronics industry wholesaler, announced today that it is offering, for distribution and sale by new Dealers, Distributors, Installers, Integrators and Contractors, the next level in video surveillance from SeeStation. SeeStation just introduced their new multi -featured security solution DVR series. These Analog/IP Audio/Video Surveillance DVRs separate themselves from the rest of the other top security DVRs by being field serviceable and upgradable. SeeStation is supported by in -house manufacturing, service, and repair facilities in Tulsa that has, until now, limited the sale of this proprietary PC based DVR equipment to its parent company, Pam Distributing. The security business is holding up better than other parts of the economy. One of the single fastest growing technologies in the security industry today is these video surveillance mass storage DVRs, particularly NVR IP -based systems. When coupled with any analog camera or over 500 different models of multiple IP digital video security cameras and a choice of included powerful network connectivity, control and analytic software, these SeeStation high -quality low priced systems now offer resellers DVR solutions to fill this ever -growing need in the security industry.

Driven by recent widespread advances in product offering and pricing such as the SeeStation line, IP video surveillance product sales are forecasted to increase by 200% between 2010 and 2012, significantly overtaking analog CCTV sales. To position reseller's customers to be better prepared to upgrade from analog to IP video, SeeStation also offers resellers UTP based Smart Technology Cabling Products. When used on new Analog installations, this wiring infrastructure allows end users to later add IP cameras without the need to further upgrade wiring, saving time and money. The UTP Smart Home Products provide the means to convert and transmit today's high tech A/V signals hundreds of feet over this inexpensive UTP CAT5 cable instead of the very expensive and complex cables currently used.

Being able to monitor video feeds from multiple cameras deployed across multiple locations on the network is another factor that is fuelling this growth. SeeStation is offering 5 configurations of mass storage DVRs. The smallest units are capable of handling 4 to 8 cameras at up to 120 frames per second with 500 Gigabyte hard drive storage. The largest units are capable of handling 8 to 64 cameras at up to 1920 frames per second with 4 Terabytes of storage.

Every SeeStation video recording system can be custom configured for any particular application. Not only that, it can expand and grow with any company, being the ONLY Analog/IP Audio/Video Surveillance DVR in the industry designed to be field serviceable and upgradable by qualified technicians, greatly decreasing down time. For those customers who cannot or do not want local technicians to upgrade or repair their DVRs, SeeStation offers 24 to 48 hour normal repair and upgrade turnaround time, compared to 2 to 4 weeks through other distributors.

A Full Featured Windows Operating System provides maximum control over all system functions. "Our systems have the ability to watch live video, playback footage, and switch to and report abnormal events, all on separate monitors at the same time" said Randy Walker, owner of PAM Distributing and SeeStation. "Every one of our systems is able to show the location and direction of each camera connected to the system, which makes it simple and quick to locate where an anomaly occurs, for quicker response times. We also offer Tech Support and Technical Training for the life of the product."

Walker continued, "We are currently looking for top quality distributors and integrators in different areas to partner with us on the entire SeeStation Line. We see IP surveillance as a major opportunity over the coming year and want to assist resellers in breaking into this market and building their skills in preparation. We believe 2010 will be the year IP surveillance really takes off".

And the markets in which video security is expanding from home, industry, health facilities, education, municipalities and business are endless. With growing security concerns, video surveillance is now becoming a necessity.

Some vertical markets are being driven by regulatory and legislative mandates. In industries such as warehousing and transport, video surveillance is now essential to meet compliance regulations and insurance requirements. In education, there is increasing concern for student safety on campus. Colleges and universities have become particularly security -conscious as a result of several high -profile incidents. "Hospitals are spending millions of dollars to comply with HIPAA", said Walker, referring to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which, among other things, requires hospitals to keep track of who enters and exits certain areas and when. Law enforcement agencies are switching from traditional analog surveillance to high resolution IP -based systems that include intelligence attributed to the in -built video analytics.

Surveillance systems in this day and age need to offer longer record retention times, better coverage through multiple camera input channels, higher image resolution, increased FPS (frames -per -second) technology and minimized down -time for upgrades and repairs, to meet the requirements of today's security systems installers. SeeStation fills all of these needs.


If you would like more information, please call PAM Distributing at 800 -888 -8101 or send an email to or to schedule an interview with Randy Walker, please call Michael Sherman at 662 -893 -8360 or send an email to

To download the November SeeStation catalogue, go to -SS%20DVR%20Camera%20Catalog%2011 -24 -09%20Std3%20Res%20 -%20No%20Prices.pdf. For wholesale prices, call SeeStation at 918 -872 -1524 and ask for Sales.

About PAM Distributing

PAM Distributing is a warehousing electronics industry wholesaler, in business for over 25 years, represents over 150 manufacturers many of which are major brands such as GE, JVC, Arecont, Axis, Acti, Honeywell, Ganz, Toshiba, Optex, Everfocus, Fujinon, Fire -Lite, Pelco, Speco Technologies, Russound, Altronix, NUUO, GeoVision, Bosch, Channel Master, Linear, Tyco, Thomas and Betts, Klein, Arrow, Coleman Cable, Comm -Scope Cable and SeeStation.

They handle an extensive range of products to an impressive and varied list of industry clients. They offer end -to -end, handpicked wholesale solutions based on field experience. PAM continually shops the electronics industry for the best value in equipment. Because they "Buy Right" from long -standing business relationships with the finest manufacturers and vendors in the industry, their high volume purchasing power is always passed on to their customers. This always allows for the best final wholesale dealer pricing on all their products which include:
● Access Control ● Cable TV Installation ● CCTV ● CATV MATV Headend ● Central Vacuum ● Connectors ● Custom Audio Video ● Fire Related Equipment ● Home Automation ● Installation Accessories ● Intercom Systems ● Mounts Racks Wire Management ● Power and Ground ● RF Distribution ● Satellite and Antenna Installation ● Security Alarms ● Security Accessories ● Signal Reception Towers and Accessories ● Tools ● Video Surveillance ● Voice and Data Solutions ● Wire and Cable

About SeeStation

SeeStation was created as a CCTV manufacturer and importer that provides a variety of surveillance cameras, UTP audio/video/data transmission products, and surveillance DVR/NVR combinations for everything from small home units to casino and government agency grade, high resolution/high storage capacity DVR/NVR systems. Their UTP based Smart Technology Cabling Products, when used on Analog installations, provides a wiring infrastructure that prepares the end user to later add IP cameras without any wiring changes. The UTP Smart Home Products provide the means to convert and transmit today's high tech A/V signals 100's of feet over inexpensive UTP CAT5 cable instead of the very expensive and complex cables used until now.

Having their own in -house manufacturing facility for high -quality PC based DVR equipment, they are able to offer the ONLY Analog/IP Audio/Video Surveillance DVR/NVR in the industry designed to be field serviceable and upgradable by qualified technicians. SeeStation also offers 24 to 48 hour normal repair and upgrade turnaround time.

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