Smarthome Introduces New I/O Linc Morning Industry Lock Control Kit

Smarthome announced the release of the I/O Linc INSTEON Morning Industry Lock Control Kit. The kit allows users to activate the locking mechanism of Morning Industry RF deadbolts & doorlocks via radio frequency to lock/unlock their door via INSTEON.

Irvine, CA - Smarthome announced the release of the new I/O Linc - INSTEON Morning Industry Lock Control Kit today. The kit, which includes two I/O Lincs and a Morning Industry RF Remote Control Key Fob, allows users to activate the locking mechanism of Morning Industry RF deadbolts and/or doorlocks (sold separately) via radio frequency (RF) to lock or unlock their door from any INSTEON controller.

"Morning Industry's products have always been highly rated by our customers," noted Laurie Maroni, Vice President of Marketing at SmartLabs Inc., the parent company of Smarthome. "Adding the ability to control their RF deadbolts and doorlocks with INSTEON further signifies our commitment of integrating INSTEON into all aspects of home control."

The kit acts as a bridge between INSTEON devices and Morning Industry's RF deadbolts and doorlocks. When I/O Linc receives a signal from any linked INSTEON device, it sends that signal to the remote, which translates the INSTEON signal into a radio frequency (RF) command to lock or unlock Morning Industry RF deadbolts and/or doorlocks. One kit can control as many locks as are in range of the remote. This kit also gives the consumer the control to regulate access to their property from anywhere in the world using the SmartLinc INSTEON Central Controller.

"We're excited that Smarthome has developed a simple, cost effective way of using INSTEON to remotely activate our RF deadbolts and door locks at the touch of a button," stated Matt Jordan, VP of Sales at Morning Industry. "This brings a whole new feature set to our product line."

This kit and all Morning Industry deadbolts, doorlocks and accessories can be purchased at All INSTEON products can be purchased at


INSTEON is the best selling home area networking technology (HAN) on the market. It is the only mesh network capable of utilizing two independent means of communication, RF and powerline thus also making it the most reliable technology. With over 200 products and kits on the market, INSTEON makes it is easy to link together home systems such as lighting, security, HVAC (comfort control), A/V, appliances, and sensors, allowing them to be controlled or monitored from anywhere in the world.

About Smarthome
Founded in 1992, Smarthome was created based on the realization of a need for automated products that make lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. Today, Smarthome sells more than 5,000 hard -to -find products, including home automation solutions featuring award -winning INSTEON technology. Smarthome sells online at, through their award -winning direct mail catalog and via their brick and mortar retail store located in Irvine, CA.

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