Hall Research Adds IP Control to its All -in -One A/V System

Hall Research releases the VSA-31-IP, a device that allows monitoring and control via Internet Protocol for its all-in-one Switch-Cat™ A/V system.

Hall Research announces today the release of the model VSA -31 -IP, an add -on module for the Switch -Cat™ A/V Systems (Hall Research Model VSA -31 and VSA -31 -SP). The new IP module allows monitoring and controlling of Switch -Cat™ installations via Internet Protocol. The Switch -Cat™ is the all -in -one A/V system that is currently installed in hundreds of classrooms and conference rooms worldwide.

The VSA -31 -IP is simply inserted in the RS -232 control signal path from the A/V system to the display (LCD or Projector). It is port -powered (via the VSA -31 Receiver), therefore no additional power supplies are required. The package contains two elements: The IP Module and the GUI Software. The IP Module connects to the local network through a standard network cable. The GUI Software is a standalone software program that can be installed onto any computer on the local network that allows asset management, monitoring and control of multiple installations. The user can view and control various settings on all installed devices such as:

*Display Device Properties - the software stores descriptive fields about each display device (LCD or projector) such as its make and model and serial number.
*Device Location - can organize devices into location hierarchy, such as "Building" and "Room Number."
*Device Status - polls devices for the current power state and projector lamp hours.
*Alarm - sends notification e -mail to the administrator for events such as a device disconnection (theft prevention), or when a particular projector's lamp hours has reached certain threshold.
*Broadcast events - sends out events to multiple devices at one time such as "Turn all on," or "Turn all off."
*Scheduling - has the ability to schedule events to turn all devices on or off, or to send out a specific pre -set command.
*Control of the user interface: The GUI gives the remote user virtual access to all aspects of the A/V switching system such as: video source selection for display, volume level adjustment, and more.

"The VSA -31 -IP is a great option for adding functionality to the Switch -Cat™ system. It eases the burden of system management by allowing remote administration from anywhere on the network. Features like remote management, e -mail alarms and distributed device control would be virtually impossible to implement without network connectivity," said Justin Ireland, Product Manager for Hall Research. "The VSA -31 -IP is a step that Hall Research has taken towards more sophisticated products with advanced feature sets and greater manageability," he continued. Useful applications for the VSA -31 -IP are facilities where multiple units of the VSA -31 are presently in place, and installations that require remote device administration capabilities.

The VSA -31 -IP has a retail price of $395.00 and is available to purchase immediately through Hall Research's Sales Department by calling (800) 959 -6439, or through any authorized dealer.

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