The Ultimate Audiophile Music Server Now Supports USB Dac's And Hi-Resolution Media Up To 24bit / 192Khz

DENVER, Colorado, September 29, 2009 - Qsonix will be showcasing its latest system enhancements for the Q105 and Q110 series music servers, including support for third -party external USB DAC's (Digital to Analog Converters) and support for import and playback of high -resolution 24 -bit audio.

These enhancements open the door for discerning audio listeners to take advantage of the increasing number of mid and high performance USB DAC's appearing in the market as well as enjoy the ultimate music experience with high -resolution audio from online sources such as AixRecords.com, Itrax.com, HDtracks.com, Linnrecords.com and others.

Qsonix will exhibit in room #561 in conjunction with DEQX, Legend Acoustics and Edge Electronics demonstrating a high -definition, digital audio system comprised of Qsonix media playback system, DEQX HDP -3 digital audio processor and four Edge G -Series linear analog amplifiers driving a stereo pair of the stunning Tikandi speakers from Legend Acoustics

Qsonix will also be featured as a source in the Wadia Digital display demonstrating its new USB interface and hi -resolution media support on a system featuring the Wadia Reference series 9 Decoding Computer system, Octave Audio amplification, Dynaudio loudspeakers, and XLO cables and power products.

Ideal for music collector's big or small and discerning audio buffs that have been looking for the perfect way to make the transition from single disc CD players, CD changers and turntables to the ultra -modern era of digital Hard Drive accuracy and music enjoyment. Imagine having your entire music collection accessible at the touch of your fingertip within seconds. Qsonix delivers unprecedented convenience and control with uncompromising sonic audio performance, now including support for hi -res 24 -bit audio up to 192Khz.

USB DAC and hi -resolution media support will be available to both new and existing Qsonix users as part of the soon to be released version 2.6 software upgrade.

Located in Westlake Village, California, Qsonix is a market innovator and leader in providing user -friendly digital media technologies to a diversified group of licensees and under its own Qsonix brand. With its highly reviewed award -winning user interface, Qsonix offers the most reliable and truly friendly way of managing and organizing thousands of songs, artists, genres…all in a manner that brings the excitement of music appreciation back to pure listening enjoyment.

For additional information about Qsonix and its innovative products, please visit www.qsonix.com or contact Mike Weaver, President/co -founder at mike@qsonix.com, or (877) 477 -6649. High -resolution product images and specifications are available at www.qsonix.com/press

Media Contact: Roberta Lewis · Roberta Lewis & Assoc. Public Relations - Tel. 713/665 -8758 · Email: rlewis@robertalewis.com.

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