Invictus Wine Group Announces the Fall special, buy a V3 -Basic 2 cellar system and receive a free upgrade to the 4 cellar V3 system.

IWG helps you manage your cellar overflow with by delivering a 4 cellar V3 system for the price of the V3-Basic 2 cellar system.

You cut back on your wine purchases last year due to the uncertain market. Recently your suppliers have offered unbelievable closeout deals on high end wines like: 2008 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, 2002 Joseph Phelps Insignia and you scored several cases of 2003 Chateau de Valandraud from Bordeaux at $80 per bottle. Now your cellar is full and you have one or more wine storage cabinets rented to handle the overflow. The issue now is how to ensure that you drink these great wines at their prime.

You know you want up -to -date records of which wines are in each storage area, your wine consultant to be able to view your cellar and make recommendations, real reports [not spreadsheets] of your cellar inventory and drink by date reports by individual cellar and to check you inventory and get pairing ideas off the internet from your cellar, kitchen or office. Most important is ease of use so you spend your time enjoying your wines not searching for them.

Invictus Wine Group has the answer: The V3 Wine Cellar Inventory Management system that meets all of these needs in addition to providing an elegant complement to any cellar décor. It gets better; the new V3 system price remains the same and until October 31, 2009, the purchasers of the 2 cellar system will receive the 4 cellar version at no additional charge.

V3 continues to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your wine collection information is located. With V3, you are in control, not only is your data stored on your system, but your reports are created on your system. V3 does not rely on offsite servers to manage your cellar.

Your favorite sommelier or wine consultant can now access your cellar to have up to the minute knowledge of your cellar status. Your V3 emote access is protected by a proprietary Virtual Private Network solution that provides greater security than is available by just logging in over the Internet.

Do you occasionally have trouble decoding a French or German wine label? With V3's built -in Internet search function, you quickly search the Internet for the answer. Then, simply copy and paste the information into V3.

With V3, it is all about your wine experience:

When you host a wine tasting or have a few friends in to appreciate your wine, simply select the notes for the wines you are serving and click the note print button. With one button click per note, you have copies of wine notes ready for your guests to use.

You use the view label function to select the label of your wine of choice. Now simply click the label image, and display your inventory information for the associated wine. When you have made your final choice, simply remove the bottle from inventory and enjoy! There is no need to search for it any more.

Manage your collection in multiple wine cellars or storage units from a single system, with the ability to transfer wine between cellars. Quickly run inventory reports by cellar to track your collection.

Simply scan the producer barcode to speed inventory entry. Add a case, partial case, or multiple cases of wine to your inventory in seconds.

Remove a bottle of wine from your cellar, scan a barcode and automatically update your inventory.

Plan a dinner party and choose wines from your cellar at their peak of development while getting food pairing ideas from the Internet using a few keystrokes.

Use wine cellar coordinates to quickly locate a wine in your cellar. When you reorganize your cellar, changing wine cellar coordinates is as simple as clicking a button and entering the new coordinates. No more searching for missing wines.

You can easily prepare a complete inventory listing of your wine collection, including current value, for insurance purposes. Reports are generated in PDF format, allowing you to readily email, print, or save reports.

Conveniently store multiple tasting notes for any wine regardless of whether the wine is in your cellar or not.

If your current wine collection information is in an Excel spreadsheet we will convert it and preload your IWG V3 system for you at no extra charge.

Cellar inventory services are available - Both for the initial set -up and on a periodic, ongoing basis. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Professional wine cellar management service is also available. Please contact us for more information.

If you need additional cellars, Please contact us for details and pricing.

Simplify your life, improve your wine collection management and enjoy your wine collection even more. Order your V3 system today with your Visa, MasterCard or Amex.

For your free, no obligation consultation, and an Internet demonstration of the power of V3 contact us at 877 -823 -2529.

Invictus Wine Group

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