SIM2 USA is proud to unveil the latest in high-dynamic-range (HDR) -enabled LCD flat-screen display technology featuring Dolby® Vision during the 2009 CEDIA Expo, September 9-13, in Atlanta, Georgia.

CEDIA EXPO, Atlanta, Georgia -September 2009 -SIM2 USA is proud to unveil the latest in high -dynamic -range (HDR) -enabled LCD flat -screen display technology featuring Dolby® Vision during the 2009 CEDIA Expo, September 9 -13, in Atlanta, Georgia. SIM2 SOLAR technology -based monitors are flat -screen displays integrating an HDR solution, based on Dolby Vision technology with SIM2's video -image management expertise and display manufacturing know -how. SIM2 plans to make the new consumer display available in the fourth quarter of calendar 2009, with a suggested retail price of $24,995.

SIM2's SOLAR47HT is a 47 -inch LCD Reference Monitor utilizing the Dolby proprietary algorithm that manages 2206 individually controlled LEDs behind the liquid crystal panel. This individual control assures that the light output of each LED is in concert with the image on display. By selectively turning off the backlight behind black areas in scenes, Dolby's high dynamic range algorithm allows those areas to become truly black. This algorithm also has the ability to selectively brighten the backlight behind bright areas to deliver truly radiating highlights. Together with Dolby's high dynamic range algorithm, SIM2's proprietary flat -panel 16 -bit color processing delivers over 65,000 shades per color! SIM2's SOLAR Display provides a wider range of displayable colors and outstanding contrast, combined with high brightness for a picture quality that matches real -world depth, detail, and color.

"The SOLAR is a technological tour de force," said Charlie Boornazian, SIM2 USA's VP of Sales and Marketing. "The images displayed by this one -of -kind product are so incredibly vivid and lifelike that you won't believe your eyes. SIM2 is proud to lead the way in this exciting new category. SIM2 continues to be the chosen partner of key technology companies like Dolby, working together with them to establish reference -level benchmarks by which all others will be judged."

SIM2 worked in collaboration with Dolby for reference design and prototype development, while simultaneously designing the production models from the ground up. Using proprietary technologies, SIM2 created not only an unmatched reference quality display capable of delivering spectacular images, but one that leads the next generation of flat -panel displays.

"Our collaboration with SIM2 is a great example of how Dolby is enabling premium imaging solutions, and we applaud SIM2 for launching the SOLAR Series, which now sets the standard for LED displays," said Bharath Rajagopalan, Director, HDR Marketing, Dolby Laboratories. "SIM2 has accomplished an amazing feat with the SOLAR Platform that shows the true power of Dolby imaging and the expertise of SIM2 manufacturing and design."

The SOLAR display uses SIM2's 16 -bit processing necessary for HDR signals, producing an astounding 65,536 shades per color, smashing the number of colors (1,024) shown by the most advanced current displays. The new display renders smooth images that jump from the screen - compared to conventional displays, the result is simply amazing

The core of the system, the Back Light Unit (BLU) developed by SIM2 and high dynamic range image processing, enables the display to deliver astonishing picture quality, while maintaining the overall power efficiency of the system. What's more, SIM2's HD scaling and de -interlacing capabilities maintain purity under actual content -playback conditions, and do much to enhance the perceived quality of lesser video formats.

How Does the SOLAR Platform work?
SIM2 SOLAR platform display, as an HDR -based system, uses a huge array of individually addressed LEDs behind the liquid crystal panel. Each LED is individually controlled in concert with the image signal so that less light will be produced for darker small portions of the screen while more light is produced for brighter small portions of the screen.

How does SOLAR differ from current LCD TV technology?
The vast majority of existing LCD monitors use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps, which light up the entire LCD panel 100 percent of the time, regardless of the image displayed. SIM2 SOLAR displays rely on LEDs that are restricted to specific regions of the display and only light when needed by the image, according to a special image processing algorithm. Additionally, the SOLAR monitor has proprietary customized optical elements between BLU and LCD panel, designed by SIM2, these reflector elements allow better light management, to reduce any leakage to the minimum possible.

SIM2 SOLAR Specs in Brief
• Display: LCD panel and power LED BLU (2,206 high -power LEDs) plus HDR technology
• Peak brightness: >4000 cd/m2
• Resolution: 1920 1080 Full HD
• Contrast ratio (full on/full off): Infinite (over 1000000:1)
• Full 16 -bit processing (65,536 shades per color) and widest range of displayable colors
• Luminance uniformity: more than 95 percent through the LCD panel
• White point: adjustable

About SIM2 USA Inc. and SIM2 Multimedia
Since their entrance into the US home theater market in 1999, SIM2 USA, under the guidance of its parent SIM2 Multimedia (established in 1995), has dedicated its resources to marketing and servicing products that meet the demands of the US market. SIM2 Multimedia is a worldwide leading manufacturer of home theater products and leading provider of high -end performance large screen systems (for control rooms, information, communication, and simulation) and professional projection systems for E -cinema applications. Over the years, SIM2 has gained a reputation for meeting the industry's demands for new, emerging technologies, offering high -quality and reliable products that meet the customer's need in any application. Products are designed and manufactured in Italy. The marketing policies of the company are world -oriented, with a direct presence in Italy (headquarters), the USA, UK, China, Germany (sister companies), and in over 60 countries worldwide through partnerships with qualified distributors.

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