Antennas Direct ClearStream Micron Antenna Offers High Power in Attractive Flat Panel

New Micron offers advanced indoor antenna technology for DTV under $50

Sept. 16, 2009; ST. LOUIS - Consumers' desire for a more -affordable, high -performing and attractive indoor antenna for DTV is being met with Antennas Direct's new ClearStream Micron antenna. As a manufacturer of the most effective antennas for DTV, Antennas Direct decided to merge its uniquely powerful antenna technology into a 9 -by -11 -inch black flat -panel antenna design with an MSRP of under $50. The ClearStream Micron looks stylish on any surface in the home, while offering the most powerful DTV reception in an indoor antenna for an affordable price.

"Consumers are asking for thinner antennas, but before now, this meant severe performance penalties. The DTV reception of most indoor flat -panel antennas is greatly inadequate," said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct. "With the breakthrough ClearStream Micron, we have been able to reach a level of performance only thought possible in a much larger design. Since our company specializes in creating small and powerful antennas for digital television, we were able to create a superior flat -panel antenna specifically tuned for the core UHF DTV band."

The ClearStream Micron is 15 mm thick and comes with its own stand. Sharing many of the strengths of the ClearStream family, the ClearStream Micron features high gain and flexible aiming characteristics due to its wide beam width. This increases the chances of reliable reception from more than one broadcasting tower.

"We designed the ClearStream Micron with the same efficiency and power found in our ClearStream Convertible indoor antenna, and we are able to offer it for under $50, so the technology can be introduced to more DTV consumers," Schneider said.

Should customers need additional range, additional performance can be realized with the ClearStream Micron Extreme Gain (XG) option, which comes with a reflector that enhances signal reception. DTV viewers have the choice of a single antenna that can be configured three ways: table -top, wall -mounted or, for additional performance, reflector -enhanced ClearStream Micron XG antenna.

"While outdoor antennas provide the best conditions for DTV reception, we realize the vast majority of TV viewers prefer indoor antennas. So it is essential to offer compact indoor antennas with performance which rivals their outdoor counterparts." Schneider said.

Specs for ClearStream Micron:
• Design: Black Flat Panel
• Size: 9 -by -11 inches; 15 mm thick
• Range: up to 25 miles
• MSRP: $49.99

Antennas Direct is a St. Louis -based manufacturer of over -the -air antennas specifically tuned for core DTV frequencies. Its ClearStream antenna series has been widely recognized by broadcast engineers and industry publications for its superior design and performance for DTV. Antennas Direct, a 2009 Inc. 1000 fastest -growing company, has invested major resources into the discovery and implementation of new antenna technology and continues to test and modify antenna designs, raising the bar by which antenna performance and appearance are measured. Visit for more information.

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