Marmitek EasyTouch Panel10™ gives X -10 home automation a stylish look

Affordable and unique touch screen for operating wirelessly all lights and equipment

EINDHOVEN - With the EasyTouch Panel10™, Marmitek has convincingly demonstrated that operational ease and a stylish design go hand in hand. The 10"/25cm touch screen, which can easily be attached to or fitted into the wall, is used to wirelessly operate all X -10 controlled lights and equipment within the house. Because of the fact that users can add their own favourite backgrounds, buttons and functions, they can amaze their friends, family and neighbours with a touch panel that is as chic as it is high -tech. And all for less than € 200.

Marmitek EasyTouch Panel10™
Marmitek's new EasyTouch Panel10™ is an affordable, wireless touch screen which can be programmed and used by everyone, without the need for a computer. Even grandma and grandpa can switch off all the lights in the house with one single touch on the panel.

Customised design
This touch screen is unique insofar as the content of the screen can easily be set up according to your own wishes and taste. Two different configurations each offer the option of adding a maximum of 30 buttons. The touch buttons are each given their own function and can be placed wherever you like on the screen. In combination with the possibility of placing a personal background photo under the glass touch panel, users can design a unique control panel. So it is possible to make a collage of photos of all of the X -10 devices in the house and then place the buttons above the relevant device on the screen. Users can even use photos of family members so that one touch on the photo immediately leads them to the favourite settings of the person concerned. Of course, you can always use your favourite holiday snap or any image that fits in with the style of your interior. You own creativity forms the only limitation in this regard.

To allow you to get straight to work and offer some inspiration, three 'style samples' are supplied with the screen, providing you with three different background styles. The operation of Home Automation has never been this attractive. Start today with Marmitek X -10 Home Automation or fit this panel into your existing X -10 domotics system.

The screen is equipped with a built -in Marmitek X -10/RF transmitter and an integrated antenna. This wirelessly transmits the Marmitek X -10 commands to your X -10 transceiver. The screen, made of brushed aluminium, can easily be attached to the wall or fitted into the wall using an optional mounting frame. The screen uses 2 AAA batteries and all settings are automatically stored during any power failures.

Price and availability
The recommended retail price for the Marmitek EasyTouch Panel10™ RF is € 199.95 incl. VAT. The touch screen is widely available from the 30th of September.

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