WirelessHD® Consortium Experiences Significant Growth with New Membership and Worldwide Product Availability

The WirelessHD® Consortium today announced that several WirelessHD consumer products have successfully passed the rigorous compliance tests and are now available worldwide.

Sunnyvale, California and Atlanta, Georgia - September 10, 2009 - The WirelessHD® Consortium, currently comprised of leaders in the consumer electronics and personal computing industries, today announced that several WirelessHD consumer products have successfully passed the rigorous compliance tests and are now available in Asia, North America and Europe. Adding to this momentum, Philips, Best Buy and others have also joined the Consortium bringing membership to over 40 companies. These key achievements highlight the rapid growth in membership and products, application development and interest in the Consortium. Products from Panasonic, LG Electronics, Gefen and Monster Cable Products, Inc. with WirelessHD technology will be showcased at CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia through September 13, 2009.

WirelessHD Certified and Compliant Products Available Worldwide Compliance Certification Services (CCS), the first WirelessHD Authorized Test Center (ATC), recently conducted the first of many product tests under the WirelessHD Compliance Test Program using Agilent's WirelessHD electronics measurement and test equipment. The following companies, many of whom had previously considered other technologies, have rallied around WirelessHD and are showcasing their products at this year's CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia

Panasonic: Panasonic's Z1 plasma TV series with WirelessHD technology is available now for sale in North America, Asia and Europe (Booth #2836).

LG Electronics: LG Electronics' LH85 and LHX LCD TVs are also available in North America and Asia (Booth #2623).

Gefen: GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60GHz Extender can be seen in their booth (Booth #1219).

Monster Cable Products, Inc.: Monster is demonstrating their WirelessHD transmitter/receiver adapter pair (Booth #609).

Additional products from several manufacturers are expected to roll out later this year, including a WirelessHD Adapter set from Rocketfish, a Best Buy private label brand.

"The availability of the WirelessHD compliance test and test equipment is a key enabler in accelerating the availability and adoption of WirelessHD technology," said John Marshall, President and Chairman of WirelessHD, LLC. "Adopters can easily take advantage of leading -edge testing tools from Agilent and CCS, the world's first WirelessHD 60GHz test center, to verify compliance of their designs to the WirelessHD specification. This is essential in bringing to life the promise of interoperable WirelessHD technology as the best wireless home entertainment experience."

WirelessHD Experiences Strong Interest and Adds New Members

With WirelessHD products available in the global market, the WirelessHD Consortium continues to experience increasing interest from various types of businesses eager to join the WirelessHD ecosystem as Adopters and Promoters. Philips recently joined as a Promoter and will make valuable contributions to the WirelessHD specifications and compliance test programs as a full voting member of the Consortium.

Continued interest in a variety of WirelessHD applications has also attracted new participation across the consumer electronics ecosystem, with the addition of Monster Cable, who is currently expanding their wireless product line, beginning with their Digital Express product introduction last year. Best Buy Co. Inc., the largest consumer electronics outlet in the US who also manages the high end Magnolia Audio Video stores, has also joined WirelessHD. Best Buy designs, manufactures and services several private label brands including Insignia, Rocketfish, Dynex, Init and Geek Squad.

"Best Buy's ever increasing knowledge of consumers' technology needs is based on the key insights gathered from our customers and more than 140,000 employees located at 1,100 of our retail stores worldwide," said Nigel Waites, CTO Best Buy Exclusive Brands. "We leverage their insights in a broad range of quality solutions through our portfolio of Best Buy Exclusive Brands products, including the soon to launch Rocketfish WirelessHD."

Consortium members are also researching new application areas including mobile device connectivity and wireless local area networking (WLAN) as demonstrated at the WirelessHD Interoperability Suite at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show.

For more information on how to become an Adopter, please email, info@wirelesshd.org

About WirelessHD
Formed in 2006, Broadcom Corporation, Intel Corporation, LG Electronics Inc., Panasonic Corporation, NEC Corporation, Philips, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD, SiBEAM Inc., Sony Corporation and Toshiba Corporation, joined together to define the next generation worldwide 60GHz multi -gigabit millimeter wave technology for mobile and stationary consumer and enterprise applications. WirelessHD is the first consumer electronics and technology industry -supported, digital wireless interface for instantaneous file transfers, wireless display and docking, and simplified and lossless HD media streaming. For more information on WirelessHD, please visit www.wirelesshd.org.

WirelessHD PR Contact:
Pamela Njissang, Stearns Johnson
+1 415 -397 -7600

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