ZVOX IncrediBase™ Sets New Standard for All -In -One Home Theater

High-performance speakers, dual 6.5" subwoofers and 133 total watts deliver stunning sound from a real-wood cabinet that acts as a base for the TV

ZVOX IncrediBase™ Sets New Standard for All -In -One Home Theater - -35Hz Bass from A Single -Cabinet -No External Subwoofer

Swampscott, Massachusetts, Sept. 8th, 2009 - ZVOX, the company that pioneered the concept of all -in -one home theater, has introduced a high -powered system that sets new standards for the category. The IncrediBase™ 575 employs five high -performance speakers, a 133 -watt amplifier and dual 6.5" long -excursion subwoofers into a 36" x 16.5" cabinet designed to be placed beneath a flat -panel TV. Physically larger than the Z -Base 525 and Z -Base 550, the IncrediBase 575 is able to produce sound levels and low bass response equivalent to expensive, multi -speaker surround sound systems.

The 575 uses the acclaimed ZVOX PhaseCue™ virtual surround system to create three -dimensional sound from one cabinet. With an enclosure volume 50% larger than many floor -standing subwoofers, the 575 delivers bass performance that is simply remarkable -extension to 35Hz with high -volume impact that all theater aficionados will fall in love with. "In terms of overall performance, the IncrediBase system is comparable to a very good, very expensive 5.1 surround sound system," says ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. "I've been in the audio business almost 40 years, and I'm not easily shocked. But the overall sound quality combined with the abundance of deep, accurate bass is truly startling with our new IncrediBase 575." Like all ZVOX designs, the IncrediBase 575 delivers crystal clear dialogue while sounding natural and full -bodied when reproducing music -a dramatic improvement over the anemic sound associated with most flat panel TV sets.

Measuring 36"w x 16.5"d x 5"h, the ZVOX IncrediBase 575 is an ideal companion for flat -panel TVs ranging from 37 -inches to 65 -inches in size. Place the 575 on a credenza, chest or table -place the TV on top of the 575 and connect a single wire to your TV and presto...you have a high -performance home theater system. Unlike most all -in -one systems, the ZVOX IncrediBase 575 employs a hand -built, cross -braced wood (MDF) cabinet with beautiful hand -lacquered high -gloss black end panels. The top of the unit is finished in rugged, scratch -resistant black vinyl that is less likely to be marred by objects such as the TV placed on its surface.

The ZVOX IncrediBase 575 has an MSRP of $799.99 and will be shipping October 1st, 2009.


• (5) 2" full -range speakers and (2) 6.5" subwoofers

• PhaseCue virtual surround sound

• Auto -on/auto -off circuit

• Remote control included

• (2) Analog stereo inputs (mixing inputs)

• Power: 133 watts

• 36"w x 16.5"d x 5"h

About ZVOX Audio

ZVOX Audio is a collaboration of long -time industry veterans Tom Hannaher and Winslow Burhoe. Tom worked in marketing at Best Buy, Advent Corporation, Tweeter and Cambridge SoundWorks. Winslow worked at AR, KLH, Genesis, Nuance and Boston Acoustics - and was founder of EPI Loudspeakers. ZVOX Audio is dedicated to designing and manufacturing audio products that combine high sound quality, compact size, simplicity of use, and affordability. www.zvoxaudio.com

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