DVE Distribution, Inc. Established to Market Joe Kane Productions Endorsed Video Products Worldwide

DVE's JKP-endorsed Samsung SP-A800B and SP-A900B 1080P DLP® home theater projectors (MSRP $7,495 and $12,995 respectively) and anamorphic, short and long throw lenses can be experienced live at this week's CEDIA expo: Da-Lite booth, #1907, Main Hall.

DVE Distribution, Inc. Established to Market Joe Kane Productions Endorsed Video Products Worldwide

The First Practical, True 1080P Reference Quality Projection Displays - - the JKP -endorsed Samsung SP -A800B and SP -A900B 1080P DLP Front Projectors - - are Now Available

Video Production Industry and Home Theater Aficionados Rejoice!

Atlanta, GA - September 8, 2009 - Earlier this year, DVE Distribution, Inc. was established by David and Jeffrey Goodman solely for the purpose of marketing Joe Kane Productions (JKP) endorsed video products worldwide. DVE plans to partner with manufacturers that produce digital home theater products of the highest caliber.

The company's first products, which are available for sale now through DVE -appointed CEDIA channel dealers and integrators, are the Samsung SP -A800B and SP -A900B 1080P DLP® home theater projectors (MSRP $7,495 and $12,995 respectively) and anamorphic, short and long throw lenses. Samsung has appointed DVE as the exclusive source in the US for these two projectors.

Joe Kane is the country's leading video display standards expert. He is also the author of Digital Video Essentials - a comprehensive home theater reference program DVD that provides valuable background information on today's high definition systems and enables HDTV novices and aficionados alike to get the most out of HDTV displays through easy -to -follow calibration and set -up instructions.

Kane's association with DVE is perfectly in step with his continued crusade (at both Hollywood program production and home viewing levels) to deliver the best possible progressive high definition television and film reproduction. Kane and David Goodman have a working history dating back to 1996 when Goodman's DVD International, Inc. first began distributing JKP video programs.

Kane was involved in the development of the two Samsung projectors, working closely with Samsung to successfully adhere to exacting industry established standards of precision and image quality, delivering the best possible progressive high definition picture. "These two projectors nearly perfectly reproduce all three of the world broadcast color standards; HD, SMPTE -C and EBU - which no other video display manufacturer has been wiling to attempt at this price point," says Kane.

DVE president Jeffrey Goodman says, "These two Samsung projectors are the first products in what promises to be a full family of superior home theater products and accessories available from DVE. Not only will the line adhere to Joe Kane's exacting standard of precision and image quality, but he and the experts at DVE will personally train every dealer that represents the brand. JKP -endorsed product distribution will be restricted to high -end A/V dealers and installers."

JKP Endorsed Samsung SP -A800B and SP -A900B DLP® 1080P Projectors
The JKP -endorsed Samsung SP -A800B and SP -A900B digital projectors use a single chip Texas Instruments DarkChip2 and DarkChip4 1080p optical engine respectively. Both projectors boast an image brightness of 1000 ANSI lumens; a resolution of 1920 x 1080; one of the finest lenses found on any projector; internal signal scaling; 24 frame mode and the capability to nearly perfectly reproduce all three of the world broadcast color standards; HD, SMPTE -C and EBU. The projectors also incorporate two HDMI inputs, plus the standard array of analog inputs. The SP -A900B offers a 35% increase in ANSI contrast ratio over the SP -A800B, plus the addition of internal anamorphic processing and a finely adjustable iris control. "With respect to sound emissions, both projectors are ultra quiet," says Goodman.

Optional Lenses - Anamorphic, Long and Short Throw Lens: An anamorphic lens ($9,995 MSRP) addition, developed in close association with HI -REZ Projections, Inc., works exclusively with the Samsung SP -A900B projector. "The new lens and SP -A900B projector are a perfect solution for cinephiles who want to enjoy a super -wide 2.35:1 anamorphic movie theater -sized screen in their home," says Goodman.

Both a short and long throw lens are available for use with the JKP -endorsed Samsung projectors. The short throw lens (MSRP $3,495) is the perfect solution for installations where the projector is replacing an installed CRT projector, or where the projector must be mounted close to the screen due to architectural restraints.

The long throw lens (MSRP $3,995) is also available, ideal for placing the projector towards the back of the installation, a common practice implemented for aesthetic cleanliness in home theater or commercial applications.

For all DVE Distribution, Inc. media inquiries, please contact Paul Muto at paul@mutocomm.com or via phone at 631.849.4301.

About DVE Distribution, Inc.
DVE Distribution, Inc. is a high -end video products distribution company based in Florida and New Jersey. Founded in 2009 with the sole purpose of marketing Joe Kane Productions (JKP) endorsed products, DVE partners with manufacturers who produce digital home theater products of the highest quality. DVE distributes products co -branded with JKP and developed exclusively for DVE by JKP. www.dvedist.com

About Joe Kane Productions
A 25+ year veteran of the home theater industry, Joe Kane is one of this country's leading HD experts, designers and consultants. Kane specializes in the sciences of electronic imaging and accurately reproducing video signals on display devices. Those efforts have been the focus of his company, Joe Kane Productions, since its founding in 1982. Kane joined and later became chair of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Working Group on Professional & Studio Monitors.

He has produced several groundbreaking programs, including A Video Standard, two versions of Video Essentials and multiple versions of Digital Video Essentials. He is currently working and lecturing in HDTV program production, digital compression of video for high quality distribution, and HDTV displays that conform to ITU and SMPTE specifications. www.videoessentials.com

About Samsung Electronics America Information Technology Division
Samsung's Information Technology Division (ITD) is one of the fastest growing IT companies in the U.S., and is committed to serving the IT needs of consumers ranging from the home user to the Fortune 500 elite, and supports the valued channel partners who serve our customers. Offering innovative solutions and award -winning designs, Samsung ITD presents a complete line of award -winning color - and mono -laser printing solutions, desktop monitors, notebook computers, digital signage solutions and projectors. Based in Ridgefield Park, N.J., ITD is a division of Samsung Electronics America (SEA), a U.S. subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd. (SEC). For more information, please visit www.samsung.com or call 1 -800 -SAMSUNG.

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