Toshiba launches the new REGZA SV Series - the most advanced REGZA LCD TV to date

Toshiba UK today announced the market arrival of the REGZA SV series

Core Facts

- Toshiba's first LCD TV with LED backlight
- Feature packed models launch with new ActiveVision M200HD picture processing, - MetaBrain engine, Resolution+, Dolby Volume and DLNA technology
- Stunning 'Deep Lagoon' design provides exceptional styling
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Toshiba UK today announced the market arrival of the REGZA SV series - the most advanced Toshiba LCD TV model launched into the UK market to date. Aimed at consumers who demand the best in TV technology, the REGZA SV series is the first ever range to combine Toshiba's Resolution+ technology, Active Vision M200HD picture processing and an LED backlight - delivering extremely high quality images to satisfy even the most demanding of viewers.
LED backlighting technology - black is beautiful

The SV series is Toshiba's first ever UK model to include an LED backlight, providing an increased colour gamut to deliver striking, vivid images. By utilising local dimming functionality, each panel will be able to provide brighter whites and deeper, purer blacks by intensifying or dimming backlights in corresponding areas - enhancing the viewing experience with stunning quality images with highly accurate colour reproduction. The inclusion of an LED backlight also offers dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, with 10 Bit processing creating a palette of over a billion colours to completely eliminate banding.

Exceptional Deep Lagoon design
Available in 46" and 55" sizes, the new REGZA SV range features a premier version of Toshiba's new 'Deep Lagoon' design theme, which sees the exterior screen sitting flush with the front of the TV frame. The effect is produced by a Full Crystal Panel that sits over the front of the TV, creating a unique design effect while also improving contrast and colour ratios. The frame itself is a stunning gloss black with colour gradation fading to white on the outer extremities to create a tapered effect.

MetaBrain - the hub of Toshiba REGZA SV
The REGZA SV series is powered by Toshiba's MetaBrain engine - a single chip solution capable of managing a number of innovative technologies simultaneously, including Resolution+, Active Vision processing and Toshiba's AutoView feature, which accurately measures room conditions alongside content to provide the best possible picture performance.

Active Vision M200HD image processing
Toshiba's Active Vision M200HD compliments the LED backlight, combining intelligent backlight scanning to create ultra smooth 200Hz effect motion flow. Images are broken up into specific segments and black sections introduced into intermediate frames, which are quickly refreshed in tandem to provide efficiently managed, fast -moving pictures with no image judder. The implementation of this technology ensures that images are sharp and smooth, regardless of whatever is on display, with results far superior to conventional 100Hz systems. Combined with LED backlighting technology, Active Vision M200HD provides Toshiba's clearest, smoothest picture to date.

Resolution+ - powerful, edge -sharpening performance
The SV range also features Toshiba's Resolution+ technology, which is designed to be the bridge between a standard definition source - such as a digital television broadcast or DVD - and the HD resolution screen. The technology works by using a powerful processor to review the adjacent areas of an image, picking out similar waveforms and combining pixel information to enhance edge detail within the picture. The result is a sharper and more defined image, much closer to high -definition standard.

DLNA connectivity
Integrated Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) technology allows users to network the SV and pair it with their PC, enabling access to the PCs functions and storage using the TV's remote control. DLNA technology makes it easy for consumers to share content with friends or associates, even when the PC is in use by somebody else. By simply using the remote control, hard drive storage can be accessed seamlessly, creating the possibility for consumers to view photos, videos and music at the touch of a button.

Intelligent AutoView
The innovative AutoView functionality enhances image quality by measuring room conditions and content in tandem and adjusting the image appropriately. Both natural and artificial lighting conditions are taken into account and constantly analysed against the actual content being played, meaning that images are always suited to immediate room conditions. In bright conditions, for example, AutoView will darken the backlight to the optimum setting for the surroundings, while in dark conditions the panel will be lightened without affecting overall colour reproduction. Additionally, the AutoView functionality can lead to up to a 35% energy saving reduction in low ambient light levels as the backlight is only on when required.

Dolby Volume - immersive, next generation audio
The new REGZA SV series also launches as one of the first ever TVs to include Dolby Volume, a highly intelligent audio technology that ensures that audio levels remain constant across all types of content, programmes and inputs. The inclusion of Dolby Volume - a first by any TV manufacturer - means consumers will now be able to change the channel without having to adjust volume levels, while the higher audio levels normally employed in advertising commercials will be controlled automatically and maintained at the levels set by the user. Dolby Volume also ensures that depth of sound is retained at low volume, ensuring that no intricate detail is ever lost, with audio remaining deep and clear at all times. Dolby Digital Plus technology also provides instant compatibility with existing Dolby Digital sound systems.

Multiple connections
Both models feature full 1920x1080p HD resolution panels, providing full support for HD broadcasts and pre -recorded HD content. Toshiba's Game Mode feature is also included, ensuring gamers do not suffer potential controller response lag by providing a dedicated link between the console and the TV. 1:1 pixel mapping ensures that all content is correctly displayed on screen as intended, without any information loss at the outer edges.

The 4xHDMI inputs within the SV series also feature InstaPort technology, which significantly reduces the delay when an HDMI source is accessed - ensuring content appears on the screen immediately as the HDMI input is selected. Toshiba REGZA -LINK© (HDMI -CEC) technology ensures that REGZA SV series models can be controlled as part of a HDMI -CEC home entertainment system, using just the one remote control.

A dedicated PC Input also allows users to connect to personal computers, and the new SV series is also capable of MP3 audio and DivX video playback via USB. DivX content can also be upscaled using Resolution+, with further support for flash media also extending to SD memory cards, allowing consumers to instantly view JPEG images from a digital camera.

Digital ready and Eco minded
The complete REGZA SV range features an integrated digital tuner as standard, allowing users to access digital TV services such as Freeview without an additional set -top box. The inclusion of LED backlighting technology reduces the power consumed by SV series models in comparison to conventional CCFL backlight tubes, while a full power -down switch is also included - allowing users to completely switch off their sets without relying on standby.

The Toshiba REGZA SV series will be available from September 2009.

Toshiba REGZA SV series - top -line specifications

- 46" and 55" (1920x1080p)
- MetaBrain Engine
- Resolution+
- Active Vision M200HD Pro picture processing technology
- LED Backlight
- Deep Lagoon design
- 2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
- 10 Bit colour processing
- 4x HDMI
- PC Input
- Dolby Volume
- Dolby Digital Plus
- AutoView technology
- USB Plus (JPEG, MP3, DivX)
- SD Card (JPEG)

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