Toshiba announces its latest XDE DVD player model - the XDE600

Toshiba today announced the launch of its second 'eXtended Detail Enhancement' (XDE ) upscaling DVD model, the XDE600

Toshiba XDE upscaling technology produces stunning, near -HD 1080p picture quality from standard DVDs - breathing new life into standard definition content and DVDs

The Toshiba XDE600 succeeds the award -winning XDE500, adding USB functionality in a new, slim -line design
Available from October 2009

Toshiba UK today unveiled the Toshiba XDE600 - an advanced upscaling DVD player based on proprietary Toshiba 'eXtended Detail Enhancement' (XDE) technology. The XDE600 succeeds the highly popular and critically acclaimed XDE500, and is targeted at the large market for DVD -owning consumers who want to get the most out of existing standard definition content libraries.

eXtended Detail Enhancement - upscaling with a difference
Toshiba's eXtended Detail Enhancement technology provides more than just upscaling, taking DVD picture quality to a whole new level. By enhancing video and achieving detail closer to the HD experience, XDE technology lets consumers enjoy their existing content libraries by getting the maximum out of standard definition images.

Whereas the majority of upscaling players simply extend image resolution, Toshiba's XDE technology includes three additional video processes to deliver sharper, cleaner images with richer, more vibrant colours and contrast:

Detail Enhancement feature sharpens image edges while simultaneously reducing 3D noise
Intelligent Colour enhances blue and green shades, which can often lose vivacity during the upscaling process, without compromising the integrity of the overall picture
Contrast Enhancement improves contrast in dark areas whilst maintaining brightness in others. The result is a startlingly rich, crisp image from a standard definition source
Much like the XDE500, XDE600 includes the three staple picture modes of XDE technology - Sharp, Colour and Contrast - which enable viewers to ensure that the player produces the best possible picture based on the type of content being viewed:

Sharp Mode offers improved detail enhancement that takes content one step closer to high definition - creating sharper edges and ensuring that detail is more visible. Unlike traditional sharpness control, XDE technology analyses the entire picture and adds edge enhancement precisely where it's needed.
Colour Mode makes the colours of nature stand out with improved richness. Blues and greens are more vivid and lifelike, making the XDE600 perfect for watching nature and wildlife documentaries. Colour Mode combines the improvement in colour with the detail enhancement of Sharp Mode, delivering outstanding performance during outdoor scenes.
Contrast Mode is designed to make details in darker scenes or foregrounds more clearly visible without the typical "washing out" that can occur with traditional contrast adjustment. Perfect for dark scenes where detail may be difficult to notice, Contrast Mode is also combined with Sharp Mode to provide a sharper viewing experience.
Using XDE technology, the XDE600 is able to upscale images to 720p, 1080i and 1080p, making it perfectly suited to any kind of HD ready TV.

View digitally stored content via USB
The Toshiba XDE600 features an integrated USB input, making it easy to play back DivX movies or JPEG photos directly from a USB key or USB connected device.

Multi -format compatibility
As well as XDE technology, the XDE600 features support for PAL progressive scan playback. DVD -R DL, DVD -RW DL, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW DL support is included, alongside DVD, DVD -R/ -RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD/ CD -R/ -RW, Video -CD, SVCD, CD -DA and HDMI compatibility via the HDMI cable included in the box. Each model is compatible with Toshiba's REGZA -Link technology (HDMI CEC), and also includes Component Video and Composite Video outputs, 1x SCART, Coaxial output and two Channel Audio outputs. In addition WMA, DivX, JPEG and MP3 support is also included.

Slim -line design
While the XDE600 includes many of the award -winning features of its predecessor, it also offers a new, slim -line design. A well -built, gloss black exterior case is fronted by a slanted glass -front fascia that houses the player's core controls. *For full specifications and availability regarding the Toshiba XDE600, please refer to Notes to Editors

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