New JBL Performance LS Series Loudspeaker Couple Aesthetic Form With Premium Sonic Function

Good looks are the finishing touches on a powerful and precisely engineered new loudspeaker collection

In what is now the custom home integration market's most comprehensive line of high -performing, aesthetically pleasing and remarkably accessible loudspeakers, JBL today introduced the new JBL Performance LS Series of loudspeakers. The LS Series loudspeakers utilize state -of -the -art engineering and materials to deliver extraordinary sound quality, wrapped in an elegant, refined package with curved contours and tapered wood side panels, and beautifully crafted in a stunning high -gloss finish. The JBL LS Series is designed to give the home entertainment systems contractor a highly refined new tool for upmarket system performance at a highly cost -effective price.

The new LS Series includes a compact bookshelf loudspeaker (the LS40); two floor -standing tower speakers (the LS60 and LS80); and a center -channel loudspeaker (the LS Center). The LS Series loudspeakers' clear, uncolored sound is the result of a combination of JBL's technologically advanced compression drivers with JBL's legendary Bi -Radial® constant -directivity high -frequency horn, which has been precisely tuned utilizing sophisticated computer modeling techniques that completely eliminate any tonal coloration whatsoever. This is a combination that no other loudspeaker manufacturer can offer, and it shows in the LS Series' performance: effortless and articulate high -output capability without any distortion or dynamic compression. Proprietary PolyPlas™ polymer -coated -cellulose -fiber cone material and with heat -resistant Kapton® voice coil formers make for articulate and powerful bass response. In addition, the crossovers in the LS80 and LS60 employ a unique 3 -1/2 -way crossover network that allows the woofers to operate in different frequency ranges, a configuration that provides a smoother transition between all drivers for more balanced sound over a wider listening area. All this performance is beautifully contained in real wood veneer cabinetry with a sensuous gloss -lacquered Streak -Ebony Mahogany finish, rendering the LS Series speakers the epitome of both art and science.

"The JBL LS Series is the next logical step in our constant pursuit of engineering and sonic excellence," observes Kevin Voecks, Market Director, Harman Performance AV Group. "With the LS Series, JBL is offering home entertainment systems designers and contractors a unique mixture of technology and esthetics, all at an incredibly affordable price point. Thanks to the wide diversity of its product categories, JBL can provide this audience a complete solution for home theater and home entertainment audio applications, and JBL speaker technology remains at the core of that capability."

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