New JBL K2 S9900 Present The Next Generation Of Audiophile -Level Free -standing Full -Range Loudspeakers

With an extended low-frequency response, new crossover points and larger high-frequency driver, the new JBL KS 9900 is the ultimate floor-standing speaker for the discerning audiophile

In a move that provides custom home systems integrators with a new benchmark for performance and aesthetics in a luxury -tier loudspeaker, JBL today introduced the new JBL K2 S9900 floor -standing loudspeaker. The K2 S9900 is the latest entry in JBL's K2 series of freestanding full -range loudspeakers, and represents the ultimate in audiophile performance. Building upon the design and engineering brilliance of the successful JBL K2 9800, the new K2 S9900 expands its frequency response down to 33 Hz via a new low -frequency extender, giving it a total range of 33Hz to 50 kHz with 900 HZ and 15 kHz crossover points. The K2 S9900 is also 35 percent more powerful than its predecessor, with a power -handling rating of 500 Watts (RMS). And while the KS 9900 continues the K2 Series tradition of utilizing the proven 15 -inch (380mm) diameter fiber -pulp cone low -frequency driver, the K2 S9900's 4 -inch (100mm) high -frequency compression driver is a third larger than that of the K2 S9800, and is topped with a 1 -inch (25mm) ultrahigh -frequency driver. Overall, the K2 S9900 sets new levels of performance and style for the luxury home entertainment market.

The JBL K2 S9900 attains exceptional coverage for home theaters, with a 100 X 60 -degree span of vertical high -frequency coverage and 60 X 30 -degrees of coverage. It also offers user -controllable high -frequency and presence level controls, as well as a LF/HF drive mode switch that toggles between normal and bi -amp operation. The K2 S9900's 1500AL woofer features JBL's remarkable Alnico 5DG magnet. A 2 -inch (50mm) aluminum shorting ring below the voice -coil gap, combined with fifteen 0.03 -inch (0.8mm) copper rings and sixteen 0.06 -inch (1.6mm) steel rings that form an inner gap ring assembly, effectively stabilize the local and global magnetic fields. And the compression drivers benefit from JBL's unique vented -gap cooling system, which employs three air tunnels running from the pole -piece to the magnet cover to efficiently radiate the heat generated by the voice coil, while also controlling the back pressure of the unit.

"The JBL K2 S9900 provides the custom home systems integrator a new standard in luxury -tier loudspeakers to offer their clients," states Kevin Voecks, Market Director, Harman Performance AV Group. "With superior imaging, elimination of dynamic compression artifacts, and very low coloration of the original sound, the K2 S9900 represents the innovation and engineering excellence that audiophiles have come to expect from JBL loudspeakers."

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