Latest Marmitek Easy Icon10 RF™ remote control increases operational simplicity for X -10 home automation.

Universal remote control for all A/V devices and Marmitek X-10 modules throughout the entire house.

EINDHOVEN - Marmitek demonstrates how the Easy Icon10 RF can allow high quality technology and operational simplicity to be combined. In contrast to universal remote controls from other suppliers, the Easy Icon10 RF not only operates A/V devices, but can also be used for Marmitek X -10 modules for lighting, curtains, security systems and other electronic equipment.

Marmitek X -10 Home Automation
Activating your security system in just one click is no problem at all for the Easy Icon10 RF and even dimming a lamp is a piece of cake. Or, if we want to make it more difficult - how many buttons do you think are necessary in order to dim all the lighting except one reading light, switch off the TV, turn on the outside lights and switch on the radio? The staggering answer is: one button! By combining all the aforementioned actions in a macro that can comprise up to 1024 steps, you can programme the most complicated scenarios under one, simple press of a button. Another example of this is the handy home cinema macro. One press on the button switches on all the equipment and X -10 lighting at the correct settings for creating an atmospheric home cinema. The Easy Icon10 RF is also compatible with ActiveHomePro which makes creating macros even easier. What is unique about this is that the remote control can operate all 256 X -10 House/Unit Codes at the same time. The hundreds of equipment logos allow you to operate everything intuitively.

For the TV too
Of course, the Easy Icon10 RF's clear and cleverly placed buttons can also be used to operate up to 10 'ordinary' A/V devices such as TVs, hard disk recorders, DVD players, satellite equipment and digital recorders. Programming existing equipment is extremely simple thanks to the extensive code library. PC or online registration is not necessary and the remote control itself automatically searches for codes for the equipment used! The handy set -up Wizard means that programming is child's play and any future equipment can easily be added via the integral learning function.

Logos for intuitive channel hopping
The arrival of digital TV and the corresponding chaos of TV channels mean that finding the right channel is not as easy as it used to be. Which channel was Animal Planet on again? And was MTV on channel 37 or 38? The Easy Icon10 RF makes these questions entirely unnecessary! The very clear, backlit 2" LCD colour screen shows the TV channels on the basis of immediately recognisable logos and, in total, the remote control contains about 1000 of these.

Personal favourites
A maximum of ten users can also programme their own favourite channels. The favourite channels of the two main users can even be programmed onto one button but it is also possible for the babysitter and grandma and granddad to have their own, personal settings too. With just one press on the button, the personal favourites of the relevant user appear on the screen (10 pictograms per screen). This also enables ten, different 'moods' to be programmed. Fancy a bit of sport? Choose 'sport' user for watching the favourite sport channels. Or choose 'music' to show all music channels. In order to prevent children watching 18+ or other undesirable channels, you can secure them with a 4 -digit code.

Technical data
The Easy Icon10 RF has a range of up to 20 metres. The remote control fully supports the Marmitek X -10 RF Protocol and operates equipment in combination with an optional RF receiver, even through cabinet doors. The system is multilingual and can be used in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Price and availability
The recommended retail price for the Marmitek Easy Icon10 RF is 79.95 incl. VAT. The remote control is available immediately.

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