RTI 2009 InfoComm Preview

RTI Preview InfoComm 09 June 17-19, Orlando, FL Booth 5713

New at InfoComm 09: RTI Introduces Two -Way Communication and ZigBee® -Enabled Devices, New Interface, and a Growing Integration Partner Program

Two -Way Communication
RTI announces that its control systems now provide two -way communication on both its in -wall and handheld touch screens for commercial or residential applications. Utilizing cutting -edge RTI control processors and wireless ZigBee® technology, feedback from A/V and environmental systems is now possible. The user interface is both easy to implement and customize by the installer using RTI's renowned Integration Designer® software. Integration becomes even more convenient using bidirectional communication drivers developed by RTI via its Integration Partner Program for industry -leading partners and control of Escient® media servers, Panasonic® IP cameras, Lutron® lighting controls, and Aprilaire® HVAC systems to name a few.

Starting with RTI's T2 -C, T3 -V, and T4 handheld controllers and the RK3 and K4 in -wall controllers, RTI's two -way enabled devices begin shipping in May 2009.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/RTI_2 -Way_Handhelds.zip

2.4 -GHz Wireless ZigBee® Integration With New ZM -24 Transceiver Module
The capabilities of RTI's control systems continue to expand with the addition of two -way enabled devices, including the new ZM -24 Transceiver Module. Utilizing the latest in wireless technology, the RTI ZM -24 is capable of more than just receiving signals - it can transmit signals as well at 2.4 GHz to create a self -healing wireless mesh network. This creates a bidirectional communication link between ZigBee® -enabled RTI control processors and handheld remote controls. Feedback, such as song meta -data or volume level from supported devices can now be viewed on the remote control. Designed for easy network expansion, multiple ZM -24 Transceiver Modules may be widely deployed, providing ultra -reliable and low -cost control of very large areas.

Available in May 2009, the ZM -24 retails for $149.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/ZM24_Front.zip

New Graphical User Interface for Two -Way Enabled Controllers
A new graphical user interface focused on two -way communication gives the end user the highest level of intuitive control from RTI in -wall and handheld touch screen controllers. Features include visual feedback from supported devices including current song selection, security status, and environmental services, such as HVAC or lighting. Web -based templates also provide the end user with quick access to current and forecasted weather conditions directly on their controllers. All products are programmed via RTI's Integration Designer®, a simple to use Windows® -based software package.

Three New Brands Join RTI's Integration Partner Program
With its Integration Partner Program, RTI has reached out to many industry manufacturers (partners) to ensure that all products integrate well with each other. Designed with an open architecture, RTI's control solutions interface seamlessly with a wide variety of integration products, including two -way communication with Aprilaire's HVAC systems, Autonomic Controls' Media Control Server 2.0, and Avocation Systems' Peak Series line of A/V matrix routers.

For the utmost in convenience, total home automation is now possible with control of Aprilaire's sophisticated heating and cooling systems directly from RTI's two -way enabled devices. Aprilaire's Communicating Thermostats, including Model 8870, seamlessly integrate with RTI's control systems, so that control of HVAC and other automation functions throughout a home or facility are all performed from one central location.

Autonomic Controls
Autonomic Controls' Media Control Server 2.0 (MCS) in conjunction with Autonomic's Mirage 2.0 software provide two -way interfaces for iTunes®, XM Radio, Windows Media® Center, and Pandora over a TCP/IP or serial connection, with modules currently available for RTI's T4 and K4 two -way enabled controllers. Users can integrate iTunes, Windows Media, and Pandora content into multiroom applications where they can browse music, movies, recorded TV, videos, and photos, as well as view real -time metadata and album art on their RTI touchpanels. Additionally, satellite radio can be integrated with the Autonomic Broadband XM Radio tune and be browsed from RTI's controllers.

Avocation Systems
Avocation Systems Inc. joins RTI's Integration Partner Program making its complete line of Peak Series A/V matrix routers fully functional and easy to integrate with RTI's controllers via the simple Integration Designer® programming software. The Peak Series has been priced to be competitive in the residential marketplace, but maintains Avocation's high quality standards. The units are available in 4 -by -4 to 16 -by -16 sizes, in audio only, video only, or audio and video formats. All audio/video units have both analog and digital audio styles, volume control, and input gain control.

CPB -1 Control Port Connecting Block
Ideal for one -room installations such as boardrooms or classrooms, RTI's CPB -1 Control Port Connecting Block provides power to one RTI in -wall system controller and features two output ports that allow the connection for two single or dual IR emitters. A cost -effective solution, the connecting block's RS -232 port allows for the serial control of devices without the need for a separate RTI control processor. For a simple, clean installation, the CPB -1's RJ -45 to DB -9 adapter allows for connection to almost any serial control device.

Available now, the CPB -1 retails for $149.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/CPB -1.zip

T1 -B Affordable Button -Only Handheld Universal System Controller
Sleek and sexy, the T1 -B features 40 assignable keypad buttons that can be individually programmed to control devices or execute multistep macros for more complex installations involving several components. For intuitive control, the unit offers eight source and four general purpose keypad buttons with interchangeable key labels. When other RTI devices are used, the T1 -B is capable of RF transmission through walls and cabinets, RS -232 control, contact closures, power sensing, and much more.

Available in June 2009, the T1 -B retails for $349.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/T1 -B.zip

PCM -8 Port Control Module
With eight multipurpose output ports and an adjustable device ID, the PCM -8 provides the flexibility and expandability to increase the output capabilities of certain RTI processors to accommodate larger projects. Each port provides IR routing capabilities, one -way RS -232 communications, and power sensing (with RTI accessory devices). Control from an RTI processor is communicated using the expansion RS -485 port, which allows the MPIO ports of the PCM -8 to become a seamless extension of the processor's existing ports.

Available in June 2009, the PCM -8 retails for $299.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/PCM -8.zip

ZRP -5 and ZRP -6 ZigBee® -Compatible Control Processors
The ZRP -5 is a low -cost programmable control processor that is designed to automate the operation of audio/video and other electronic systems. It is equipped with support for separate RTI RF modules (ZM -24/RM -433) for outstanding wireless coverage, while RTI in -wall controllers can also be connected for complete control. Five adjustable IR output ports command equipment and a high -output terminal welcomes an IR connecting block and emitters for control of a larger, more complex stack of electronics.

The ZRP -6 is the ideal centerpiece for any control system. Loaded with features to provide sophisticated control, the ZRP -6 has built -in IR routing and pass -through, relay control, 12VDC trigger outputs, and Ethernet for program updating. While the ZRP -6 continues to support communication from RTI 433 -MHz antennas and in -wall controllers, the next generation of control is readily available when it is used with separate RTI 2.4 -GHz transceiver modules (ZM -24) and remote controls (utilizing ZigBee® mesh network technology). The addition of two dedicated RS -232 ports allows bidirectional communication from compatible devices for status feedback such as lighting and volume levels.

Both units feature sense inputs to allow events to be triggered from third -party devices. Unlike simple IR -to -RF converters, the ZRP -5 and ZRP -6 store all system IR commands and macros within a central processor, ensuring reliable and predictable operation.

Available in July 2009, the ZRP -5 and ZRP -6 retail for $299 and $599, respectively.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/ZRP -5.zip

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/ZRP -6.zip

MRP -64 Multiroom Control Processor
The MRP -64 acts as the interface between today's multizone A/V receivers and an assortment of RTI two -way enabled in -wall and handheld controllers, allowing all A/V sources to be accessed anywhere in the home or facility with the simple touch of a button. The MRP -64 features six keypad ports for RTI in -wall controllers, four independent IR output ports, three voltage trigger outputs, three voltage sense inputs, and an IR signal input. The unit includes advanced features such as an Ethernet port for programming, two -way RS -232 communications, support for ZigBee® wireless communications, and other expansion capabilities. Programming is streamlined and very efficient for feedback from multizone receivers since the bidirectional RS -232 drivers are preprogrammed and developed by RTI as part of its Integration Partner Program.

Available in July 2009, the MRP -64 retails for $699.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/MRP -64.zip

Also on Display at InfoComm 09:

Upgraded Line of Universal System Controllers, Processors, and Accessories - All Now Shipping:
T2 -B: The T2 -B remains the ideal solution to control today's media systems, embodied with the perfect balance of a customizable touch screen display and hard buttons for tactile control. When other RTI devices are employed, the T2 -B is capable of RF transmission through walls and cabinets, RS -232 control, contact closures, power sensing, and much more.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/T2 -B.zip

T2 -Cs: The T2 -Cs' universal remote controls' simplified graphics and compact display combine to bring an advanced color touch screen at a price level comfortable enough for nearly every budget. The 2.4 -inch color LCD can display custom text and graphics to provide customized, intuitive control.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/T2 -Cs.zip

T3 -V: The T3 -V's 3.5 -inch touch screen offers a razor sharp display. The full VGA -resolution, high -contrast LCD display allows the T3 -V to showcase graphics, photos, and Web pages in astonishing life -like detail. Wireless Ethernet and built -in Web browser allow users to access Web pages, IP -addressable devices, and utilize IP control for Web -based integration applications. Fifteen assignable keypad buttons can be programmed to control devices, while an assortment of hard buttons provides tactile feel and control of commonly used functions, including a three -way rocker switch for scrolling list navigation.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/T3 -V.zip

RK3: The RK3 provides standalone control of entertainment, environmental, and security systems. Featuring built -in Ethernet and a Web browser, the RK3 displays text, graphics, digital video (motion JPEG), and Web pages with rich detail on a 3.5 -inch color touch screen display. When used with other RTI accessories, the RK3 is capable of infrared routing, relay control, power sensing, and two -way RS -232 communication for feedback from compatible electronic devices such as music servers, HVAC, lighting, and more.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/RK3.zip

U2: Completely sealed and weather resistant, the durable design of the U2 allows it to take control of the most sophisticated media or environmental systems from anywhere - even wet or harsh environments. The controller combines the convenience of eight programmable soft buttons with an easy -to -read, high -contrast LCD that can display custom buttons, graphics, and text, even in bright sunlight. Providing a simple and flexible interface for operating today's sophisticated electronic systems, the U2 offers 33 programmable keypad buttons that allow easy access to frequently used functions.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/U2.zip

XP -8: For large -scale and complex projects, the XP -8 remote control processor combines a blazing -fast MPU, real -time/multitasking operating system, and tremendous expandability. In addition to an abundance of basic control ports, such as IR, contact closures, and power sensors, the unit provides advanced control interface options such as two -way communication and a built -in clock for time -based events. An Internet connection to the XP -8 allows convenient services such as off -site monitoring and updating.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/XP -8.zip

RCM -12: The RCM -12 relay control module provides 12 addressable relays for controlling everything from amplifiers to window coverings. Adjustable device IDs allow easy expandability for larger projects. With both an IR input and a control port, each relay can be triggered from RTI in -wall or handheld controllers, control processors, or even third -party IR repeater systems. Each relay can be used in a normally open or normally closed configuration.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/RTI/RCM -12.zip

Company Overview:
Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), headquartered in Shakopee, Minn., is a leading manufacturer of innovative, sophisticated, and user -friendly control devices for professionally installed electronic systems. RTI's wide array of award -winning control solutions - including handheld and in -wall universal system controllers, central processors, and accessories, programmed via RTI's Integration Designer software - are marketed exclusively through a worldwide network of professional integrators.

RTI was founded in 1992 with a committed focus on the custom installation market. This unwavering commitment was expanded and formalized in March 2007 with RTI's Committed to Custom (C2C™) initiative. C2C highlights RTI's dedication to the custom installation market, making it the leader in creating professional -grade and integrator -friendly control solutions that effectively address the challenges facing electronic systems integrators. C2C is further enhanced by RTI's dedication to customer service and with a wide variety of educational opportunities available to dealers through RTI's Advanced Control University (ACU). In addition,
through RTI's Integration Partner Program, the company has reached out to many industry manufacturers (partners) to ensure that the RTI products integrate well with others.

For additional information on RTI and its innovative control solutions, please visit www.rticorp.com.

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