Morel Ships the New SoundSpot Music Theater 1 System

Morel Ships the New SoundSpot Music Theater 1 System HIGH PERFORMANCE STEEL SPHERES PLUS STYLE

Ness Ziona, Israel (June 01, 2009) - Morel's new spherically designed SoundSpot Music Theatre 1 (MT 1) 5.1 speaker system is now en route to high performance showrooms. The compact and stylish satellite system for home theater delivers a big speaker performance at a great consumer value.

Morel made its sphere satellite speakers strong and lightweight by using advanced metal processing. With tough casement walls that are remarkably thin - only 1mm - creating more enclosure space for the preservation of valuable internal volume. The results are "big" speaker performance from a very small satellite speaker.

The SoundSpot MT 1 System achieves stable, consistent sound when off axis due to its two -way point source system. The sound stability and off -axis sound reproduction matches speaker systems much larger in scale and price.

Each impressive SP -1 60W satellite speaker sphere is 4.3 inches in diameter and weighs only 2.3 pounds, yet the deceptively small package boasts a 3 ½" inch point source woofer and a half - inch soft dome tweeter with a liquid -cooled voice coil.

The aesthetically pleasing satellite speakers can be easily mounted on the ceiling, wall or simply set on a shelf - making the installation a breeze.

The SoundSub PSW8 8 -inch powered subwoofer packs a 100W punch so users feel their high -definition theater action. Meanwhile, the PSW8 with its non -intrusive rounded footprint and attractive fiberglass resin cabinetry blends seamlessly into every room environment.

Nir Paz, Director of Sales and Marketing, said, "Home theater enthusiasts are going to look at how compact our spheres are and then be amazed at the quality of the sound performance our MT 1 delivers. The clarity and depth performance is as good as theater systems three times the price."

The SoundSpot MT 1 5.1 System includes five 3.5 -inch satellite speakers (model SP -1) and one PSW8 Subwoofer and retails for $1,300.00.

Morel will offer two levels of the SoundSpot Music Theater. Available in the third quarter, the reference SoundSpot MT 2 5.1 system that includes five 4 -inch satellite speakers (model SP -2) and an 8 -inch powered SoundSub subwoofer (model PSW8) will debut, with a selling price of $1,900.00. Also, the satellite speaker spheres and subwoofer can be purchased separately. The systems are available in three beautiful finishes; black, white and metallic champagne piano finishes.

Karen Richardson, President of ASL Group said, "The SoundSpot Music Theater Systems are a homerun! Anybody who wants phenomenal sound for a single -room application is going to say 'When can I get mine?' as soon as they hear the performance from one of these two systems. I can't wait to get these systems in front of our dealers."

About Morel - MOREL manufactures handcrafted, award -winning speakers and audio drivers for the mid to high end OEM, home and car audio markets. With over 30 years of technological innovation and design excellence, and sold in over 55 countries worldwide, Morel audio speakers are the choice of many of the biggest names in the music industry. Design and manufacturing are all performed under one roof, in MOREL's Israel plant.

About ASL Group - Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, ASL Group is proud of its thirty -four year history as a leading US sales management company of high performance audio and home theater products. ASL Group provides services for channel development, warehousing, marketing support, award -winning service/warranty and daily support to a first -rate specialty dealer network for high performance products from internationally recognized manufacturers, including Burmester, Cambre', Naim, NaimNet, and Nottingham. For additional information, please visit: or telephone (317) 841 -4100.

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