Integrated Environments™ Creates House of Tomorrow Mobile Demo with ELAN Group's Power of Three (P3) Systems

Savvy Hartford Businessmen's Twelve Ton Mobile Smart Home Shows Connecticut Families How to Add Next Generation Value and Excitement to Their Homes

HARTFORD, CT - Integrated Environments™, a leading Connecticut integrator of award -winning Multi -Room whole house control systems, today announced the launch of their groundbreaking ELAN Linear Mobile Operation (ELMO), the country's first mobile smart home showroom. The massive, twelve -ton, ELAN Group "Power of Three (P3) Showcase" rocks with future -forward home technology from P3 companies ELAN, Sunfire and HomeLogic. ELMO literally brings the power of networked media, security and environmental controls to the doorsteps of Connecticut homeowners for a hands -on smart home experience for fun and greener living. The announcement was made by Chad Tierney and Geoff Greene of Integrated Environments, Hartford Connecticut.

Integrated Environments developed ELMO from the ground up as a unique and intriguing way to demonstrate the ELAN Group's P3 smart home capabilities to upscale Connecticut homeowners. ELMO is a 40' converted GulfStream custom recreational vehicle (RV), fitted with a full complement of P3 state -of -the -art whole house electronics and control systems. The showcase on wheels demonstrates the compelling convenience, fun and savings families can enjoy by turning their home into a networked "smart" home. The owners of smart homes often can save enough money on insurance, energy and entertainment expenses in the first years of use to offset the cost of entry -level systems.

According to Mr. Tierney, Hartford native and company founder, P3 pre -launch demonstrations with ELMO have never failed to impress. "People are immediately comfortable with the family friendly space we have created within our RV, and are impressed with the unexpected depth of the smart home systems we offer." Partner and Ridgefield resident Geoff Greene agrees, "These are not your father's entertainment or remote control systems. The 21st Century P3 whole house systems we design let homeowner's easily control and manage all of their living and working spaces, including offices and summer homes. This gives families a greater sense of security and comfort while at home or away."

ELMO demos start with jaw -dropping ELAN and Sunfire audio and video displays. The next surprise is the level of control users have with an Internet based home management system from HomeLogic. Finally, there is total shock when homeowners discover that they can just as easily control everything in their home from their iPhone®, iPod touch® , Windows Smart Phone, PC or laptop. With HomeLogic's Mobile Control App, homeowners can use all these devices to check and control their home systems and even review security events in real time from anywhere in the world.

Homeowners also learn how advanced home entertainment systems and savings can go hand in hand. Since Integrated Environments' whole house installation starts with a core of services routed over a HomeLogic internet -based network, there is no need for duplicated media subscriptions and physical music or video collections. A single cable, satellite and Internet subscription, iPod dock and media server is all that is needed to send music and video wherever family members want to experience them. A single click on an intuitive wall or palmtop touch control screen, or mobile phone interface will allow a users to play any song or movie in any room in their house or business.

But media distribution just scratches the surface of what these P3 systems offer and ELMO showcases. What can be done with audio and video can also be done with security, lighting, heating, cooling, irrigation, pool and spa systems along with overall energy management and monitoring. What started as a small ELAN showroom concept ballooned once Chad and Geoff found that most people didn't understand what a smart home was. The partners reasoned that a mobile showcase that could take a system directly to users was all the magic they needed to teach "Smart Home 101." According to Geoff, "With less than a minute of flicking through screens on a remote or iPhone, everyone who test drives ELMO 'gets' the pervasive control, fun, and savings the P3 system can easily bring to family life."

ELMO whole house P3 demonstrations are available throughout New England starting June 1st, through local architects and builders, ELAN Home Systems, or through Integrated Environments. Entry level energy saving control systems can start as low as $8,000 and can grow with a family's needs to include exotic touches like theaters, pools, spas and even waterfalls. All installations are done by ELAN Home Systems certified professionals with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For more information contact Integrated Environments at 866 560 -9510 and at

About Integrated Environments:
Integrated Environments is a leading Southern New England designer and integrator of award -winning Multi -Room audio/video and home control systems in Hartford Connecticut. With dozens of high -end whole house installations completed, the company is one of the region's pioneers in Internet Protocol or IP -based controls. With the launch of the Electronics Linear Mobile Operation, Integrated Environments becomes the first integrator in the United States to offer on -site demonstrations of whole house technologies. The company also specializes in exterior installations including pool, spa and waterfall controls and in -pool lighting. Staff have worked with internationally acclaimed landscapers, have completed installations from Boston to Greenwich, and are Certified ELAN Home Systems P3 Dealers and members of the New England and Fairfield County Builders Associations. Visit Integrated Environments at

About P3 / Power of Three:
"The Power of Three" is ELAN Home Systems and sister companies Sunfire and HomeLogic. ELAN is a leading manufacturer of innovative, award -winning Multi -Room audio/video and home control systems. Sunfire, is a specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of luxury audio/video products for the custom installation and specialty retail markets. HomeLogic, is a leading manufacturer of IP based Entertainment and Control systems. These three companies have come together to deliver the first truly seamless home system for Dealers, backed by a support, training and sales infrastructure unlike any other in the business. Together ELAN, Sunfire and HomeLogic provide integrated value to dealers and clients with Home Entertainment, Home Theater & IP -Based Control products that make sense, meet Customer needs, and are all designed to work together.

Integrated Environments is a trademark of Integrated Environments, LLC, Hartford Connecticut. ELAN is a trademark of ELAN Home Systems, LLC, Lexington, Kentucky. Sunfire and HomeLogic trademarks are registered to ELAN Home Systems, LLC.

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Hi -res photos of Integrated Environments' Elmo Mobile AV Lab are available at:

"ELMO," the world's only mobile whole house electronics showcase with Hartford inventor Chad Tierney (R), founder and partner of Integrated Environments with co -partner Geoff Greene.

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