Furman PL -PLUS D Series II Power Conditioner Hits Jackpot at Snoqualmie Casino in Washington

Furman, a world-leading provider of power management solutions, today announced that eight of its PL-PLUS D Series II power conditioners are being utilized at Washington's Snoqualmie Casino to protect A/V and digital signage equipment from frequent p

PETALUMA, Calif. - May 21, 2009 - Furman, a world -leading provider of power management solutions, today announced that eight of its PL -PLUS D Series II power conditioners are being utilized at Washington's Snoqualmie Casino to protect A/V and digital signage equipment from frequent power irregularities in the Northwest.

Located to the east of downtown Seattle, the Snoqualmie Casino opened its doors in November 2008. The 170,000 -square -foot structure offers eight restaurants, lounges, and bars; a 51,000 -square -foot gaming floor; and an 11,000 -square -foot ballroom. In addition, the casino features an advanced A/V and digital signage system, which was installed by custom integrator and installer Triamp Group Inc., based in Tukwila, Wash.

A total of 159 LG LCD screens are used to display high -definition content and digital signage throughout the casino, with all sources routed to the displays through a rack -mounted Magenta Mondo 64 x 164 Cat5 video matrix switcher. Other rack components include nine Peavey NION® DSP units, 16 CoolSign digital signage players, 16 Comcast digital tuners, 20 DirecTV receivers, and two Escient® FireBall™ media players. To protect the sensitive equipment from damage caused by power irregularities, Triamp Group used eight PL -PLUS D Series II power conditioners from Furman.

"We specify Furman power management products in all of our installations and production racks, and there have been many times when these solutions have protected sensitive equipment from certain destruction," said Kevin Hill, senior partner and account manager for Triamp Group. "In the Northwest, power outages are not unusual. When the backup generators ramp up, they create huge power surges, which I've seen take out some equipment in a building not connected to a Furman. With the PL -PLUS D Series II power conditioners as the first line of power defense at the Snoqualmie Casino, we haven't experienced any problems."

New for 2009, Furman has announced the successor of the PL -PLUS D II, the PL -PLUS DMC. The 15A PL -PLUS DMC offers all of the technologies that made the PL -PLUS D II so popular, including Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) for unequaled audio and video clarity, Series Multi -Stage Protection (SMP) for the highest level of surge protection available, and automatic Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) to protect connected equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions. For rack illumination, the unit features Smooth Track LED rack lights and a rear -panel BNC connector to power any standard gooseneck lamp.

The PL -PLUS DMC features nine outlets with two rear -panel isolated outlet banks to lower intercomponent noise interference, as well as a "Protection OK" indicator on the front panel to alert users to the operational status of the unit. Wall -wart space accommodates bulky transformers while laboratory -precision -grade digital voltmeters/ammeters monitor the incoming line voltage and true RMS current.

The Furman PL -PRO DMC is available now.

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