Smarthome Now Offers Customers Secure Cash Checkout Solution

World's largest home automation retailer offers eBillme to meet consumer demand for debt-free checkout

Irvine, CA - May 7, 2009 - Smarthome™, the leading home automation retailer with over 5,000 affordable lighting, security and home entertainment products, has introduced eBillme™, the payment option that enables consumers and small businesses to use online banking to pay now, pay securely and use available funds at checkout. Online shoppers can now pay for purchases securely with cash to better manage money and limit debt.

Smarthome offers products that make life easier, safer and more enjoyable, including home automation products featuring award -winning INSTEON™ technology.

"Providing a customer experience that earns their loyalty and confidence is Smarthome's #1 core value," says Laurie Maroni, Vice President of Marketing for Smarthome. "eBillme helps us improve our customer experience by offering them a new way to pay for their online purchases. By offering eBillme, we are providing our customers a secure way to pay with cash while also offering buyer protection features that give our customers further peace of mind."

To kick off Smarthome's launch of the eBillme payment option, shoppers who choose eBillme as their checkout option will receive $25 off orders of $100 or more.

"We are so pleased to welcome Smarthome to our eBillme family of merchants and bring secure cash checkout to their customers," says Marwan Forzley, President and CEO of eBillme. "Consumers are shopping more responsibly now and we have seen the demand for debt -free checkout continue to increase. eBillme is an opportunity for Smarthome to attract new customers and sales. We look forward to serving their customers and giving them a new way to pay now."

eBillme is easy to use. When shoppers choose the option at checkout, their order is confirmed with an eBill sent to their e -mail address. Consumers simply pay the eBill through their online checking or savings account - the same way they pay utilities, loans, insurance, and other bills. The transaction occurs securely, bank to bank, with no personal or financial information required or transmitted over the Internet.
Because shoppers pay directly from their online bank account, they don't release any financial information online. This helps consumers manage their spending and debt, while better safeguarding themselves from identity theft and fraud risks. eBillme's buyer protection program takes security a step further. Provided at no cost to shoppers and retailers, the buyer protection features have the same or a better level of buyer protection than premium credit cards. Protection features include a return guarantee, price guarantee, in -transit protection, and fraud protection. Consumers can shop with confidence knowing their eBillme transaction is guaranteed and protected.

ABOUT eBillme
eBillme™ is the only online payment solution that extends the convenience of online banking to the merchant's checkout process. The service enhances security for online shoppers, and enables merchants to increase sales while reducing transaction costs. No financial data is exposed and the payment transaction is securely transferred from the customer's bank to the retailer's bank. Consumers can shop online, by catalog or through call centers, and pay for their purchases at their bank, credit union, or bill pay portal using the security and convenience of online banking. For more information, please visit or eBillme's Online Debt -Free Shopping Mall,

ABOUT Smarthome
Founded in 1992, Smarthome™ was created based on the realization of a need for automated products that make lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. Today, Smarthome sells more than 5,000 hard -to -find products, including home automation solutions featuring award -winning INSTEON™ technology. Smarthome sells online at, through their award -winning direct mail catalog and via their brick and mortar retail store located in Irvine, CA.

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