OCOS Loudspeaker Cables to be distributed in the USA and Canada by

Dynaudio North America is pleased to announce that the company will now be supporting the OCOS speaker cables (produced in Switzerland under license for Dynaudio) as the exclusive distributor for the USA and Canada.

OCOS, which stands for Optimal Connection System, was developed under the principal that a cable should be completely transparent

sonically, and through practical implementation of solid and scientific principles a completely neutral sound is achieved. OCOS cable behaves as an integrated component of the speaker itself, and not as a component in its own right, but rather
a transparent medium which transports the music signal.

OCOS: Constant Impedance
OCOS cable maintains a constant impedance, no matter how long the run. OCOS is in fact the first and only loudspeaker
cable with absolute constant impedance throughout the entire frequency range, matching that of a normal loudspeaker.
The benefit being that the amplifier "sees" the speakers directly, as the cables are truly transparent sonically. A further benefit
of OCOS's constant impedance is that there is no drop -off in performance with varied lengths of cable, and even with long
lengths (up to 100 meters) the impedance retains its constant value and the sound remains neutral and balanced. This makes
OCOS ideal for home theater/multichannel applications that typically require asymmetric cable runs, as the cables for the
surrounds are identical to the mains, and the same high sound quality is maintained at all speakers, even with long runs to the
surrounds. Likewise, any system which may require longer than normal runs of speaker cable will benefit from the constant
impedance of OCOS as there will be no drop -off in performance or sound quality, regardless of the length of cable utilized.

OCOS: Coaxial Construction
The coaxial construction of OCOS yields a relatively small outer diameter, making the cable easy to manage or hide out of
sight, which along with the ability to effectively utilize long and un -even length runs makes it ideal for home theater systems,
for second zones, or any other application where high quality performance is desirable and long or asymmetrical runs of
speaker cable are required.

OCOS will be available in the most popular pre -terminated lengths, but may also be ordered custom -finished in any length
desired with a copper wire termination, which is suitable for large surface direct connection to use with banana plugs or spade
connectors. OCOS can also be terminated with its unique male "plug" socket to allow further cable extension via an accessory

Performance Upgradeability
OCOS cable can be upgraded to the ultimate performance variant by running triple -strands of the cables - otherwise referred to as OCOS TT (Triple Twisted). By using more than one cable for each (single wired) connection, there is even less
resistance and greater transparency, which is most noticeable in the deep bass region.

Pricing & Availability
Dynaudio North America will have OCOS available in bulk as well as 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.5 meter pair pre -terminated sets
beginning April, 2009. Retail prices of OCOS cables are listed below:

OCOS Pre -Terminated Loudspeaker Cable (wire -termination):
OCOS 2 meter (pair) $ 400.00
OCOS 3 meter (pair) $ 500.00
OCOS 4 meter (pair) $ 600.00
OCOS 5 meter (pair) $ 700.00
OCOS 7.5 meter (pair) $ 1,000.00

OCOS Bulk & Custom Length Loudspeaker Cables:
OCOS bulk (each) single meter $ 60.00

OCOS -TT (Triple Twisted) Custom Length Loudspeaker Cables:
OCOS -TT Basic Assembly (per pair) $ 400.00
OCOS -TT (each) meter $ 230.00

About Dynaudio:

Dynaudio, founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, is a leading manufacturer of high performance loudspeaker systems, having established itself as one of the largest and most advanced high -end audio companies worldwide. Dynaudio's home audio loudspeaker products are renowned for their high -tech drivers designed, engineered and manufactured completely in -house, and for their hand crafted, furniture grade cabinetry. Distributed in over 60 markets globally, Dynaudio produces a diverse range of dedicated audiophile grade loudspeaker models and drivers for specialty audio and home theater, professional studio, car audio and OEM applications. All production is based in Skanderborg, and Dynaudio has earned the honor of ISO/TS 16949 and QS 9001certification, confirming the quality of manufacture at the company's production facility.

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